Jayson DeMers

Should Your SEO Team Be Wide or Deep Specialists?

There's no question that your SEO team needs to be comprised of industry experts. Whether you have a full-time in-house team, you're working with an agency, or you're combining your own experience with the skills of freelancers, your overall level of expertise will ultimately determine your success. Someone new to the industry is liable to make more mistakes, have lower quality standards, and run into problems when it comes time to troubleshoot.

Here's the dilemma: not all "expertise" can be classified the same way. SEO is a complex strategy with many moving parts, and you might find one expert who specializes in one area but is noticeably weak in another. How should you handle this dilemma if you want to maximize your potential return? 

Jayson DeMers

Thinking Like the Customer: How to Target the Right Keywords

With seemingly endless programs and tools available for doing keyword research, it can be frustrating to try to figure out the best ones to use in your SEO campaign. Certainly, keyword analytics tools like Google AdWords are extremely helpful, but a huge part of keyword discovery involves thinking like the customer. As you work to understand your target market, step into a potential customer's shoes and ask yourself, "What am I looking for?"...

Jayson DeMers

6 Search Marketing Buzzwords You'll Become Familiar With in 2016

Like them or not, buzzwords have their place in every industry. In 2016, search marketers will need to know a handful of buzzwords in order to remain relevant. Some of them you may already know, while others will be completely brand new. Time to start studying!...

Jayson DeMers

What is the SEO Value of Website-Hosted Videos?

Everyone understands that video is a valuable component of modern Internet marketing. However, few understand how video content translates into SEO value. If you really want to maximize your video content, you need to know how it works in relation to search engine ranking factors. In particular, it's important to understand the differences between website-hosted videos and YouTube-hosted videos. ...

Jayson DeMers

5 Ways SEO Can Save Small Businesses (and How to Get Started)

Most small businesses fail for several common reasons: a lack of experience, a lack of customer interest, excessive competition, poor financial planning, or an unproductive or nonexistent marketing strategy. There's no surefire way to tackle all these potential disruptors at once, but there is a strategy capable of helping small businesses survive those all-too-important first few years--SEO. Search engine optimization (SEO) can remedy some of the most common problems affecting small businesses with the following advantages: ...

Mike Moran

The right social media listening tools for the right jobs

Some of you may know that I know that I serve as a senior strategist at Converseon, a leading social media listening company. Meaning?  I have plenty of opinions in social media listening, but I don't claim to be unbiased about them by any means--of course I think that Converseon has the best approach, combining human analysis with technology that makes that analysis scale....

Jayson DeMers

5 Strategies for Writing Compelling Titles

Whether it's a blog post, news article, email newsletter, or social media post, one of the biggest keys to increasing page views and maximizing impressions is creating killer headlines. Unfortunately, this is something most marketers usually fail miserably at. If you want to fundamentally change your content marketing strategy in just a matter of weeks, start by paying attention to the title....

Jayson DeMers

10 Must-Have Tools for Small Business SEO

There are hundreds of online SEO tools designed to help you analyze, understand, and improve your campaigns--but some stand out more than others. ...

Jayson DeMers

Can 404 Errors Hurt Your SEO Rankings?

Most websites have a default 404 page that informs a user that the domain is live, but the requested page does not exist. Some webmasters let this catch-all page handle any resulting confusion, while others hunt down and eliminate 404 errors at all costs. In either case, the question remains--do 404 errors affect your SEO rankings? ...

Mike Moran

Should PPC and SEO campaigns have different landing pages?

If you work in a small company, you might never have considered this as a question. You have a low budget and so why wouldn't you use the same landing page for the same keyword in organic and paid search? ...

Jayson DeMers

How Not to Go Viral: 4 Viral Marketing Fails

Viral marketing has the potential to make a huge splash online, but as with any marketing strategy, there's risk involved. Poor planning, offensive material, and a lack of brand transparency are all major contributors to failed campaigns. With so much potential for failure, how can your company launch a successful viral marketing campaign?Let's start by looking at what not to do. Here are four of the biggest viral marketing fails of all time....

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