Education Online Search (, a free college search portal, helps users find educational institutions. Not only is Education Online Search both a directory of colleges, universities, and other types of educational institutions, it’s a treasure-trove of over 400 articles written about subjects which are of interest to educational searchers, such as careers, online degrees, adult education, financial aid, testing, and home schooling.

Established in May, 2003, Education Online Search offers a different way to search for educational institutions--each listing has been hand selected and hand edited by a human, with a well-written profile of each institution as well as links to where you can get more information and an application to apply to their program. Eric Enge from Education Online Search says that “we derive the information for the site by direct contact with the schools and research via the Internet.”

In certain niche topics, a search engine or search tool is necessary. However, in the college or educational institutional area, hand-selected and hand-edited directories tend to work better, especially if they’re categorized like what’s been done with Educational Online Search.

The site doesn’t only list educational institutions. For example, there are hundreds of useful articles for those seeking to find out more information about a specific career. For example, the site talks about Executive MBA Programs:

“This hybrid of the regular MBA program has been granted increased freedom of design and delivery to coincide with the unique requirements of the market it serves. Executive MBA programs are generally designed for individuals with extensive work experience (7-10 years). They are usually shorter in length than the regular MBA (18 months-2 years), and admission is based more on the experience of the prospective student than other traditional means of evaluating applicants.” The site then goes on to link directly to their hand-edited list of MBA Programs, including the Keller Graduate School Of Management Of DeVry University, the University Of Phoenix, and the American Graduate School Of Management.

If you’re looking, for example, to become a Fashion Designer, Education Online Search has that information, too. The site says that “Fashion designers must have well-developed artistic abilities and a desire to create. They need to have self-discipline, imagination, and persistence.” The site also goes on to say that “In 2002, fashion designers earned a median annual salary of $51,290. Earnings ranged from the lowest 10 percent, who earned less than $25,350, and the highest 10 percent, who earned more than $105,280.”

Education Online Search appeals primarily to adults looking for information on their educational choices. However, high school students looking for information about colleges can also benefit from the information provided on the site. “The primary goal is to help visitors to our site make career choices, and find schools appropriate to those career choices,” says Mr. Enge. “We are constantly adding information on more schools, and adding more articles and resources to the site. It will continue to evolve and improve over the coming months.”

For more information about Education Online Search or to begin your search for a new career or a new education, visit the website at

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July 8, 2005

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