Patrick Hankinson, a grade 11 student at King's-Edgehill school in Nova Scotia, Canada, has created a search engine that allows anyone to find "how to" eBooks and eCourses written by experts in any field imaginable. In fact, there’s over 10,000 eBooks and eCourses currently in the database.

Whether you’re searching for information about how to open a restaurant or how to get out of debt, you’ll find it at Goldmaker. Patrick says that the broad-based search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and MSN are good for finding information on the Internet. However, with so much information in their databases, they make it more difficult to find information about specialized interests. Patrick created Goldmaker because he wanted to make it easy to find customized "how to" information from the real experts in their field.

In order to be included in the Goldmaker search engine, Patrick says that “must publish information products that help people better themselves and improve their lifestyles. “

According to Patrick, “there are so many ways to learn how to achieve your dreams. It’s quite simple, all you need to do, he says, is to be able to sit at the feet of the experts who have gone where you want to go. My new search engine makes all this possible.“

For more information about Goldmaker, the new niche “how-to” search engine, go to

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May 13, 2005

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