There's a new blog out there that looks promising—professional bloggers can now turn to Performancing for advice. This new blog is focused on professional blogging by offering keywords tips, advice about headline styles, and how to increase your blog traffic.

Nick Wilson, one of the brains behind Performancing, provides tips on how to keep RSS feeds from getting out of hand in one his recent posts: "If you're anything like me, your list of feed subscriptions is an unruly beast at best, and an absolute horror of time and attention devouring evil at worst. Yes we need to be subscribed to feeds in order to blog on our given subjects, but is having over 400 subscriptions good research, or poor feed management?"

According to Mr. Wilson, "Performancing covers all kinds of stuff, but it's all very tightly focused on making money from blogging. We're talking about ad programs, design, testing, promoting and the business of blogging for $$$'s." Performancing LLC is owned by Mr. Wilson and Patrick Gavin, the President of Text Link Ads, Inc.. Mr. Gavin takes a less active role in the day to day website operations but handles all sorts of other tasks related to other stages of the business. Chris Garrett from is the firm's "technical guy", and Andy Hagans blogs on monetization issues. Peter Brady is also heavily involved as well. Mr. Brady is known for his specialty — Ads on Blogs.

Recent Advertising in Blogs Survey

According to a recent Qumana Survey about Advertising in Blogs 63 percent of the people who have blogs do not have advertisements in their blogs. However, 37 percent monetize their blogs through advertisements on their blog. Of those 37 percent who are monetizing their blogs, most participate in the Google AdSense program. "By far, participants indicated use of the AdSense program most often to earn revenue from their blogs. There are a number of bloggers, though, who use multiple programs. There is a small proportion of bloggers using two or more advertising programs to maximize their earning potential." Qumana goes on further to say that "34 percent of bloggers who don't participate in advertising do intend to sign up for an advertising program of some sort, and a high proportion of those have requested assistance - this strongly affirms that a proportion of bloggers just don't know how to place advertising on their blogs."

Qumana also goes on to talk about the bloggers' current income. "On a per month basis, 69 percent of our bloggers (those who previously indicated they participate in advertising programs) earn less than $20 per month from all income sources: advertising & sponsorship. It's rather a pity that so many bloggers, of whom we have identified as being experienced, are not seeing any return for their efforts." Obviously, professional bloggers are apparently not laughing all the way to the bank every month. Professional bloggers don't have to fall into that category. The Performancing blog does a good job of teaching other bloggers how to monetize their blog—and the bloggers there are providing good tips, advice, and ideas about how to increase traffic to your blog and other blog usability issues.

About Performancing, LLC

Performancing, LLC is owned by Nick Wilson from and Patrick Gavin, the President of Text Link Ads, Inc.. Chris Garrett handles all of the technical issues, while Andy Hagans blogs on monetization issues and Peter Brady blogs about advertising on blogs.

About Patrick Gavin

Patrick is the President of Text Link Ads Inc., a Cincinnati, Ohio based online marketing firm. TLA services a wide range of clients from Fortune 500 businesses to individual website owners. In 2000 he co-founded a reclaimed brick and stone business, Gavin Historical Bricks, where he learned online marketing growing a local business into a nationwide antique brick dealer by leveraging their website's online presence. In addition to his work at TLA, Patrick blogs at the Link Building Blog. He studied Marketing while attending Xavier University in Cincinnati.

About Chris Garrett

Chris recently left the cosy marketing agency life to strike out into new pastures as part of the Performancing team. Chris lives in the UK with his wife, Clare, his daughter Amy and his two overweight cats, Casper & Tigger.

About Nick Wilson

Nick Wilson is part of the Performancing LLC company. He lives in Denmark, with his beautiful wife and daughter, Ivana and Robyn, and works in his pants whenever possible. Nick is also the owner, and one of the main contributors at, a technology and marketing group blog.

About Andy Hagans

Mr. Hagans has been running content Web sites for several years. His latest ventures include two blog networks BizNicheMedia and dotMarketer as well as a few independent non-profit blogs, including The Pope Blog and the Uganda Conflict Action Network. If you you visit BizNicheMedia, you can tell that Andy Hagans takes monetization very seriously.

About Peter Brady

Peter has been CEO of Orbital Media and Advertising for 3 years and is owner and chief contributor of Ads On Blogs, which offers news and advice on everything that has to do with blog advertising, marketing and public relations. Mr. Brady is married and drinks at least 6 cups of coffee a day.

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November 12, 2005

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