As Google continues to grab more of a market share in search with its three percentage point rise to 50 percent in April, its little brother social networks gains ground in overall online advertising impressions. Is this a significant milestone? Maybe not, but we took Myspace, who saw a remarkable year-over-year growth rate of 367 percent and queried them alongside the three major players in the search space, Google, Yahoo and MSN. What do you think we found? Well if you look at the image below, Myspace is gaining traction on its big brothers.

It's evident that social networks are here to stay and are proving to be a viable category for digital marketers online advertising dollars.

As reported by Nielsen//NetRatings, "General community sites captured 16.3 percent of the impressions tracked last month by AdRelevance, compared to 16.1 percent last month. MySpace was the clear leader in this category, claiming 14.6 percent of all online ads served in May. Portals and search engines additionally accounted for 8.3 percent of May's online impressions, versus 8.4 percent in April."

The protruding truth in this data is that social networks accounted for more than double the ad impressions than search. And with their continual growth over the past year, social networks will presumably find themselves on the same shelf of digital marketer's tools like search, email, blogs and others. Watch out big brother Search, your little brother Social Networks is moving into his own room down the hall.

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June 22, 2006

BJ Cook started off his internet marketing career by starting Laundry Media in 1997, offering full-service integrated marketing solutions for small businesses. His dual degree in design and creative writing would prove useful in the near future. Combining his knowledge of design, development, usability and marketing found his way into the world of SEO.

Working in-house for over 3 years as the designer/developer/SEO for an international travel firm and freelancer, he found his calling at Interactivate Inc., where he moved from the search engine marketing strategist for over 40 clients to a more challenging role. Creating and building out the Search Marketing Group (SMG) at Interactivate entailed hiring 2 search marketing specialists and 1 associate. At Interactivate, he developed internet marketing strategies for a variety of Fortune 500 clients such as Jenny Craig, Hard Rock Hotel, Merry Maids, Hilo Hattie, Sunkist, William Lyon Homes, John Laing Homes, Centex Homes, California Avocado Commission, Hass Avocado Board and Shea Homes.

After seeing the complexity of the web shift to more multi-faceted solutions with email, search, PR, media planning, Web 2.0 and analytics, BJ joined the team at digital-telepathy Inc. As Digital Marketing Director, he is the marketing liaison responsible for new business development, sales and the identification of emerging trends in this ever-changing digital marketing industry. He loves the ever-evolving challenge of finding new and creative ways to help his clients tap into their audience.

digital-telepathy Inc. is a San Diego-based digital marketing agency comprised of experts in website design, XHTML/CSS programming, Ajax development, Flash, copywriting, search engine marketing, media planning, firm project deadlines, business strategy, product launches and more, we always have one foot over the line of innovation in technology and determine the best ways to integrate and apply it all in our already cutting-edge practices.

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