So you're giving the search engines money to get paid search traffic, but do you have good converting landing pages for the people when they get there? How do you know? Watch this video as Charles Lumpkin shares how to measurably improve your landing pages' conversion rate today.
January 5, 2010

Charles Lumpkin has been entrusted with million dollar budgets by companies who demand disciplined, intelligent, and measurable internet marketing. He and his team provide internet marketing strategy and services, usually on a pay-for-performance basis to companies of all sizes that are determined to move the needles.


Have you tried Performable ( ) yet? They are in closed beta, but looking for great feedback from people who know testing like you do. Watched the video, very well done/produced. They also work with another great site for the testing community called A/B Tests ( ) Give them both a look and follow them on twitter - @Performable and @abtests.

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