Charles Lumpkin

Charles Lumpkin


Microsoft Bing has proven to be a valuable resource for paid search advertising. In this video, Charles Lumpkin talks about why you should begin your paid search efforts using Bing.
January 9, 2010

Charles Lumpkin has been entrusted with million dollar budgets by companies who demand disciplined, intelligent, and measurable internet marketing. He and his team provide internet marketing strategy and services, usually on a pay-for-performance basis to companies of all sizes that are determined to move the needles.


I have also heard that CTR from bing is much better then other search engines. I guess this is the best process to follow now.

Charles is correct that Bing is A LOT cheaper that Google at the moment and the CTR can be very high for specific ads/industries. The challenge with Bing is that the number of searches and content page views are limited.

I will definitely try Bing. My PPC campaigns with Google have become less effective and more expensive, despite my best efforts. For small business owners, this sounds like a great alternative.

Anything that can start to eat away at the dominance of Google is a good thing to me. Monopolies always suck.

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