You're targeting the right keywords. You've got links pointing back to your site. All the SEO basics seem to be covered. Now what? How do you get that extra bit of traffic?
December 22, 2009

Charles Lumpkin has been entrusted with million dollar budgets by companies who demand disciplined, intelligent, and measurable internet marketing. He and his team provide internet marketing strategy and services, usually on a pay-for-performance basis to companies of all sizes that are determined to move the needles.


It always boils down to great content in what ever marketing practices you use. Long term viability depends on customer repeat business, hence creating a great product or service. Building a great business online means writing content people will want to read and use.

Create great content in various forms: blog posts, articles, videos, podcasts, white papers... and spread this content far and wide in your niche on social media sites.

While the SEO basics still apply, content creation... and quality content creation is becoming more and more critical.

Great post! Content is king and in any form of SEO, whether it be search marketing local, local search marketing, article submissions, etc - you must have good and relevant content or you will definately not be successful.

I try to create good content by asking the visitors what they think about the page. When you've recieved 100 comments you know more about their experience.

If you create high quality SEO content with right keyword density in it (including keyword in the title). Then certainly, this type of content nails the top position in SERPs, beating the competitors article down.

I am looking for a small company who specializes in writing content for service type industries (air conditioning, insulation, plumbing) that is also skilled in social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter, etc...). My business is in San Antonio, TX

Thanks for your help.

I guess you can also get some good links back to your site by registering with the various social sites where you submit your content.

This is really a great post. Most of the time I tend to forget that in the end is about the very act of giving as much as possible and putting yourself out there in front of people with something that might bring value into their experince. Also , it seems that now more then ever all those web 2.0 services are just more and more hungry for good content to be shared and redistrubuited across the web.

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