Google has begun to allow custom links to be added to a business's profile in Google Places. Up until now, only a single website link was permitted. Google's initial stance was this single link provided should be the best online representation of that company.

This new feature, however, allows a business to leverage things like their social presence by linking to pages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and any other relevant pages worth promoting.

Here's where the new custom link appears on the profile:

After you click "More details" the link display like this:


Also, I noticed these links display alphabetically, so be aware of the titles/descriptions you use. One of the oddities of this feature is both the text and hyperlink display as identical copy and so far I could not figure out a way around this repetition. For example, if you add "Follow us on Twitter!" in the first field and place the desired URL for this title in the second field, it will display as:


I'm not sure if displaying the text twice like this is by design or merely a flaw in the system - either way the link is live. These new links also appear to be free of "no-follow" restrictions, but I'll venture to assume link-juice is insignificant.

This is just one of the hundreds of new features and tweaks Google has and will continue to add to the Google Places area for SMB's.

April 29, 2010

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Do you know if these additional links are initially only being rolled out to select Places? I tried to see if I could update our Place page (in Steamboat, CO) with additional links and am unable to find where we add the new links. Can you share any insight on this?

Where in Google Places are we able to add this information? I'm not seeing where they allow this?

This doesn't look like it has been rolled out to all places. I can't see it for our photography company on our page and there is no option like you spoke about. Can you check that out again and see if it was rolled out to everyone yet?

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