Earlier this year we launched a new website www.localrollcall.com. Local Roll Call is an online directory for businesses to sign up and to drive an additional link back to their website. That being, said the traffic has started to increase and more and more visitors are signing up everyday. We decided we should capitalize on that traffic and start to put in place some money making affiliate programs.

The first product we applied for was Google AdSense. We applied back in May and there is suppose to be a 1 week review period prior to getting a response. So we waited...and waited. Then posted in the forum and waited.

We decided to move ahead with Commission Junction's affiliate program and evaluate their offereings. CJ.com was really simple to use and to setup. We highly recommend this program. We also have applied to www.affiliatefuel.com and we are waiting to hear back from them.

And from Google...Still Crickets. Here is the link to the Google forums and it seems that we are not the only one's having issues . Spinecurve said this last week:

"I have the same issue. I bought the domain name www.spinecurve.com to forward to my blog. I signed up for Adsense on May 5th and have heard nothing. Every time I try to log in I get the message that my account is not active because it is under review. I have searched this site and the help center and there is NO way to contact Google or get some sort of answer (most places say a couple of days, some places say a couple of weeks, but this is now almost 2 months). This is very frustrating. Does anyone know any alternatives to AdSense? I am pretty much done with this mess. After reading the troubles others are having with AdSense I am seriously reconsidering using it. Not having a way for customers to contact you AT ALL is such a terrible business practice!"

I'm not too sure what's happening with the AdSense team, but there is definitely a disconnect and business are looking for other resources. If you have some good affiliate/adsense alternatives let us know. If you happen to see or know anyone on the AdSense team tell them to at least post back.
July 6, 2009

President and Founder Local Roll Call.

Local Roll Call is a search listing provider and consulting firm dedicated to helping businesses get in front of consumers and understand the complexities of the local search landscape. Carberry formed the company after realizing that many businesses large and small don't understand the depth of local search optimization across the search engines and vertical/yellow page directories.

Dave has worked in Search Engine Marketing since 2000 and has worked with organizations ranging in size from small businesses to the Fortune 100. Dave is actively involved in the SEM Community. He speaks regularly at various search marketing and online focused conferences and is a member of SEMPO and the IAB.

A recognized expert and educator in online marketing, pay-per-click advertising, search optimization and local search. Prior to starting Local Roll Call Dave was Director of Feed Management and Search at Advertising.com and Platform-A, delivering new opportunities to clients on an ongoing basis with Consumer Shopping Engines, Paid Inclusion Programs and Cross Channel Feed dispersion.

Dave also served as Vice President of Sales and Marketing for The G3 Group. Dave has launched several successful start-up business ventures during his career, including WJFK-AM, Targetware.com and InstantPosition.com.  He and his two children have also written and self published two children's travel books. Where Was I? New York and Where Was I? Washington D.C.


I use Linkshare at http://linkshare.com

There are several really good adsense alternatives. I like Ad Brite myself but here's a list of 9 others.


I've checked out or used several of these on a variety of sites and in many cases did better with the Adsense alternatives than I did with Google.

So allow me get this straight..

You built a directory, by your own admission, just a link farm - the kind that Google has said offers no value and doesn't really like. Then you went to Google and asked them to approve your site for Adsense and are upset when they don't just do it? What is this Amateur Night? 2002?

Then to basically write up a complaint letter as an article that goes out to Search Engine Guide whining about it? It does appear that there is a disconnect here but I'm not sure it's on Google's end.

Seriously, I'm floored. If this is what Search Engine Guide has to offer it's readers it's a sad day here indeed. Maybe I should go listen to that old bald guy yell at his computer as he reads his RSS feeds.

JD thanks for the post - so I think you missed the point. Good service and follow up is actually what Google is missing. If I was disapproved in a two week period. I wouldn't have griped. Google is a Search Engine - so seems like a no brainer to bring it up on Search Engine Guide.

It's important to bring up an issue that isn't just affecting one business. It is an issue for many site owners that Google is not responding in the time they suggest. Taking two months before responding seems like an internal issue from Google.

You'll be happy to hear(or maybe not)that Adsense responded shortly after the article was written, and they approved our site into the program.

Just an FYI - Link farms are actually sites within a group of sites that link to each other http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Link_farm

If what we do is link farming then you should probably complain about Yellow Pages, BOTW, Yahoo Local Directory, Yelp, and even Facebook since businesses can enter an address and a weblink. Even Google Local would be a link farm in your world.

But hey, 'What do I know?" I'm so 2000 and late.

Thanks to everyone else for the suggestions.

I feel adbrite will b a gud alternative for adsense but it 2 ranks only after adsene....;)

I too applied for AdSense in May and have not been approved yet. I have had several people from all over the world including England etc.. view my site and read my articles I have written. There is only one ad on there for a donation to some charity from Google. When I check Ad Sense it syas it will notify me by e mail after application but I haven't heard anything yet. Also I have had several people tell me they have tried to click follow and the follow doesn't work so there is only one follow on there which took several tries to get that on there. Was hoping to have many "clicks" and money coming in by now. I know there are people out there reading my blog, how do I get approved?
Darlene Blake

Google needs your site to be at least 6 month old to be included in the adsense program now.

As for adense alternatives, quite frankly, there aren't any unless you go with the affiliate route

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