As a small business owner you may not always have the money to invest in the tools you really need. That's ok. You might actually be surprised to learn how just how many great low cost and even free tools there are to help you improve your online marketing.

In this workshop, Matt McGee of Small Business Search Marketing walks attendees through a variety of tools that handle all sorts of marketing related tasks. He'll also provides some insight into which tools are worth paying for and how you can start cheap and work your way toward investing in higher end options as you increase revenue.

In moving through the list below, Matt actually demonstrates how each tools work as well as describing some of its benefits as well as downfalls. Rather then try to capture everything he said, I have categorized and listed the tools as he showed them. Matt does caution us when using these tools to not let the tools replace common sense. In other words, don't let the tools become a replacement for the very best tool - your brain.

Webmaster Tools

Firefox Browser & Plug-ins

Keyword Research Tools

Backlink Tools

Link Building Tools

Reputation Management Tools

PPC Tools

Domain Tool

Blogging Tool

Spider Tools

Research Tool

All of the tools listed above are free, although some offer paid versions that include extra features. Also some of the tools may require registration and/or other types of actions before you can use them.


Note: These are raw notes taken while live-blogging sessions at the Small Business Marketing Unleashed conference in Columbus, Ohio. Please excuse any spelling or grammar errors.

September 24, 2008

David Wallace is CEO and founder of SearchRank, an original search engine optimization and marketing firm based in Phoenix, Arizona. He is experienced in search engine optimization and marketing, pay per click and pay for inclusion management, directory submissions and web site design usability. David is a frequent contributor to various search engine related forums, an active editor of popular directories such as, Joe Ant and Zeal and has had several articles published on industry related sites. Since 1997, David along with his company have helped hundreds of businesses both large and small increase their search engine visibility and customer acquisitions.


Great post David. This an excellent compilation of tools and resources, cant wait to check some of them out!

I don't know how many times I've used the tools from SEObook, but they have really helped me and my SEO campaigns. I'd even be willing to pay for them, they are that good!

Also: I will be releasing a few new SEO tools for free over the next few weeks, so watch out for them. ;)

Hi David -- Thanks for posting the list! (Always cool to see where our tools are being adopted.)

I definitely concur that the tools work best when you let your brain do the leading. Analysis and filtering is good, but programs can only do so much with "nuance", you know?

Anyway, if you have any questions or feedback about our functionality, I'm all ears!

I created which is another free keyword tool with a difference. People have found it useful.


I've just paid a company to help me optimize my site... I knew that there had to be a less expensive (or FREE) way to do this with a little reading and effort...

Many thanks for these resources!


PS. I just got a puppy (King Charles/ Rott mix) and he looks JUST like your little logo puppy! Too cute:)

Great article with a lot of useful tips. Just need time!

link diagnosis is by far the best tool you can use

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