Officially launched on January 20th, 2009, is a fantastic new resource for small business owners that will help them learn more about the way their business is listed online. The main goal of is "to help small businesses claim and enhance their listings at major search engines."It's one of those tools search marketers will find handy in easing the pain of keeping track of local listings for their clients, at least for Google, Yahoo, Live Search and Best of the Web. I'm told by David Mihm, one of the tool's creators, that more engines may be added in the future. is extremely easy to use. Simply enter the business name and zip code you want to look up.

You will then be able to view whether or not your business is listed in the local sections of Google, Yahoo, Best of the Web and Microsoft's Live Search.

The Overview section will show you further details such as how many citations and reviews your listing has received

You'll notice that for this particular listing, the business have 71 citations and 2 reviews in Google. Clickable links allow you to see the actual citations and reviews.

As we continue to move through the tabs, you'll notice a To Do section. This provides a handy list of reminders on what has been completed and what is still pending for each engine.

This is followed by the Details section which will provide a nice snapshot of each listing.

Last but not least, the tool will provide a quick overview of the reviews that each listing has received.

Best of all, you can save your listings in your Dashboard simply by by entering a email address and password.

So how much does it cost? This is the best thing about the tool - nothing! That's right, it is completely free... at least for now.

Whether it will stay free or at least the possibility of a paid version with added features will remain to be seen. At this time however, it is a valuable tool that every small business owner concerned with their search marketing efforts will want to take advantage of.

January 23, 2009

David Wallace is CEO and founder of SearchRank, an original search engine optimization and marketing firm based in Phoenix, Arizona. He is experienced in search engine optimization and marketing, pay per click and pay for inclusion management, directory submissions and web site design usability. David is a frequent contributor to various search engine related forums, an active editor of popular directories such as, Joe Ant and Zeal and has had several articles published on industry related sites. Since 1997, David along with his company have helped hundreds of businesses both large and small increase their search engine visibility and customer acquisitions.


I thought I'd done all this, come to find out I scored less than 100%, thanks for bringing this site to my attention.

Good info. I am going to post this in our members area for small business owners to use.

Thank you for this post and share. Very valuable information.

This is a must for small businesses.

Great post,great info.

I'msure this will help many businesses get their head around the internet because it is how more and more people look for local businesses.

Only seems to work for US based businesses :-(

This looks like a great new tool. I will be sure to tell my small business clients about it. Thanks for sharing and posting in such detail. iLearning Global Team

Thanks David, That is what I love about SEG, practical knowledge, things I would expect those we are paying to tell us, but don't

Thanks for posting this. I immediately used this service. Very easy to do. Sometimes we forget about all the tools that are out there to help a small business succeed.

As owner and chief bottle washer of a young company, I am glad to hear of such a service. Thanks!

Yet another US centric service that makes no apologies for forgetting that the rest of the world exists. This blog post, and others like, fall into the same trap. Just because you happen to be American, doesn't mean we all are.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention and providing the examples. It is so important to have a small business listed in as many places as possible, and this tool puts that into perspective. Even if you think you may have listed your company on all of the sites, the tool seems to provide an accurate score for your listings. Also a great way to keep track of reviews from one location.

That is a great tool for local businesses to check their information to make sure everything is up to date.

Let's see:

1. Use of a .org for a for-profit business
2. A new "exciting" launch about something that could take a decent engineer 8 hours to program.
3. Makes a mountain of the molehill of matters like profile completeness on a 3rd string engine like Best of the Web when 70%+ referrals to most busineses come from Google (how dumb do you think these SMBs are). Oh yea, pretty dumb. Since you obviously expect them to pay you to fill out a simple form which adds them to Google Maps that takes all of 5 minutes to do.

The authors are well networked; hence the "glowing" reviews and positive comments. Else, this "website" is just a shoddy gimmick of a sales pitch to draw in new clients. When in reality the client could do this for themselves for free.

Great tool. Thanks for sharing. This is a good way for small online business to have a common hub in the internet and get their business out to the public.

As with Mark A earlier, shame it's US only.
Is there likely to be a UK/Europe version?

Terrific idea, but like others I'd love to see a UK version.


I agree with Karl such a shame for those outside the US...

I came across this post and my instant reaction was "what a fantastic idea".

Then I went onto getlisted and realised it is USA only.

If there are any techies out there that fancy a go at setting up a UK version I'd love to hear from them.

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