What do you think?
Upon my initial overview, I can say I like it.

My apologies to those of you who got here when I accidentally posted before I was ready with this introduction. There are so many aspects to explore with beta layout that I think this is going to take several posts to cover all of them. I'm going to start out with with the Charts / Graphs element as it is so new and wonderful.

Charts / Graphs
The very first thing I noticed of course is that there is a chart/graph at the top of the Campaigns page similar to the chart/graph at the top of a report. I like that.

Even more cool though is that you can drill down from one level into the next. View campaigns / ad groups / keywords from several different methods.

To drill down from one level into the next [campaign to ad group]
    1. click on the tab at the top that says "AdGroup"
    2. click on the name of the campaign in the list at the top left
    3. clicking on the name of the campaign the main view in the right center
Default Graph displays CTR
  • click Change Graph Options
  • choose one metric or two

    Default Filter and views
    • Filter ad groups allows you to filter by 10 metrics
  • filteroptions.gif
    • Customize columns allows you to display/hid columns.
    Thumbnail image for columns.gif

    That's where I'm going to leave off for today. Other things I'm exploring and hope to write about include how you can add additional/new keywords right in the interface, similar to how you can do so using AdWords Editor (and Yahoo SearchMarketing for that matter) and the new and improved Help (which surprisingly enough, is actually helpful!)

    April 8, 2009

    Diana Adams is a Pay-Per-Click Manager, SEO Specialist and all around "get-er-done" authority. Diana helps clients achieve high ROI with their PPC campaigns by providing detail oriented attention to their Pay-Per-Click ad management.

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    This is nice feature, Google always try to do something new.

    Diana, thanks for this article.

    But where the the screenshots and photo? I can't see anything.

    I haven't logged into Adwords to see the new changes. Good explanation though. I'll have to go in and play around with the new features. I'm looking forward to your future posts on this. I'm sure I'll have questions once I see it.

    What google are doing looks good and nice to use. I will have to log in and have a look at all the new features it has to offer. It looks like it's really easy to use with some nice features. Thanks for the overview.

    I have had afew hours to play around with the layout. It's a huge improvement in my personal opinion. Instead of being restricted to having to view charts through the account snapshot section the new chart/graph at the top of the Campaigns page makes simple analysis so much easier.

    I'm hoping to take the Google AdWord Professional exam within the next couple of weeks - there will be some questions that will cover the interface. I'm assuming whilst the current inteface is still beta, the questions will be focused on the old interface. Google haven't changed any of the resources in their Learning Centre yet, but it's just a bit of a pain to be learning about the old style when I'll be using the new one...
    In an ideal world they'd just take all those questions out for now, but I doubt this will happen!

    I am liking the new layout, hopefully adwords will make better features as time goes on!

    Vicky Eltham

    Glad everyone is enjoying the new format (if you've been able to play with it!)

    @Rob and @Oliver: It isn't available to all accounts yet, so you may have to wait!

    @Ria : They've got a quiz for you to test your knowledge on the new interface (http://www.google.com/adwords/newinterface/quiz.html) ... good luck with your AdWords Professional test!


    I am absolutely loving the new adwords interface, especially since we hooked it up to our magento site for ecommerce conversion rates etc.......I aslo find the new interface much easier to use than previously.....I suppose thats why they call it progress

    I kind of miss the old interface somewhat. But as I use more of the new interface, it's beginning to grow on me and I think it's more user friendly.


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