Over the previous weeks I have made a deliberate point of talking about how important it is to use Keyword negatives to save money in your paid ad campaigns. I thought I would put together a quick lists of these top ten ways for saving money.

Let's keep it really simple, counting down from #10:

      10. Use negative keywords
      9. Use negative keywords
      8. Use negative keywords
      7. Use negative keywords
      6. Use negative keywords
      5. Use negative keywords
      4. Use negative keywords
      3. Use negative keywords
      2. Use negative keywords
      and the number one way to save money with your paid ad campaigns,
      1. Use negative keywords

Tune in next week for a more detailed explanation.

December 3, 2008

Diana Adams is a Pay-Per-Click Manager, SEO Specialist and all around "get-er-done" authority. Diana helps clients achieve high ROI with their PPC campaigns by providing detail oriented attention to their Pay-Per-Click ad management.

Outside the office, Diana enjoys rock climbing, skiing, hiking and camping, and has tried river kayaking. She and her husband were high school sweethearts, tying the knot 20 years later. They have five (nearly) grown children.



Although your list is extensive and important, I think you are missing the most important way to save money with paid ad campaigns:

Use negative keywords

- John W. Ellis


You're absolutely right. I don't know how I missed that one. Thanks for the tip!!


I'm going to out on a limb here and say #11 is: use negative keywords:)

By the way here is a great post on negatives: 200+ negative keywords for B2B campaigns in case you need some helpful research for your follow up post!

Yup, I'd seen Andy Komack's 200+ negatives ... have it bookmarked in delicious ...

Hi Diana, I understood that Your concentration is only on negative keywords. May be you can make bid at low cost but what about the sale? You can go for negative keywords which can make you a good sale.

Hi Pinky -
The focus on this post as well as the follow up post How To Create A Negative Keyword List, has been on negative keywords. However my focus and concentrated effort is to provide my clients with the best ROI possible for their accounts.

I don't bid or pay for negative keywords, that's not what they do. Negative keywords prevent my ads from displaying when the negative term is used in the search query. In that way, I am not paying for a click for "plastic tableware" when I am advertising "plastic cards."

Feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.

My best way to save money with PPC is using exact matches only. I have more control like that rather that using negative keywords. Or both if necessary but I rarely need to use negative keywords combined with exact match.

Hi Diana,

You are definitely very clear about the use of negative keywords to help reduce PPC costs, and I agree. One thing I might add to your list as maybe a 10a is to include negatives SITES when advertising on the content network. Running a regular placement performance report can reveal which sites are just yield impressions(hurting CTR) and which sites are sending worthless clicks(usually a ridiculous CTR).

But, still negative at least ... :)

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