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Biometric Time and Attendance Systems Prevent Costly Buddy Punching

Do you have hourly employees? Do they occasionally clock in or out for a friend to cover up the fact that the friend isn't present at the worksite when he or she should be? Buddy punching is an expensive problem for many businesses -- a problem that can be solved by inexpensive, simple-to-use biometric time and attendance tracking systems.

Time to Replace Archaic Time Tracking Systems

WebApps, Inc. a.k.a. SaaS.com (www.SaaS.com), a leading provider of Software as a Service (SaaS) with a major push in Workforce Management Solutions, recently joined in a partnership with TimePlus Payroll of South Dakota (www.timeplussd.com), a payroll service bureau that offers full-service payroll, direct deposits, regulatory tax filings and payments. Prior to the partnership, TimePlus Payroll of South Dakota was utilizing strong technology, and by partnering with SaaS.com, has now added state-of-the-art workforce management solutions to its offering.

Employee Time Software:

Employee Time and Attendance Solutions

Today's advanced labor management systems are computer based, real-time systems designed to streamline the management of every organization's most important resource -- human capital. These employee time tracking systems may be deployed strictly as server-based systems without the need for any ancillary hardware, or as web-based time and attendance systems without geographic limitation as to their use. Today, most companies choose a hybrid time and attendance system using a combination of employee time keeping software with employee time clock hardware and I.D. badges and/or biometric employee verification.

OnTime Biometric Time Clock

Do you fill out time cards by hand, or not at all? OnTime "The Time Clock Program" calculates payroll so you don't have to. Employees "clock in" using a keyboard, barcode reader, or fingerprint reader. Keep track of time your employees spend on specific projects or clients. When an employee starts work they "clock in." When they finish work they "clock out" and may specify what project or client they were working on. You will be able to produce payroll reports and managerial reports such as cost analysis per employee, job, or client. Find out who is most efficient and how much a job is costing you in wages with one click. Microsoft Access compatible lets you easily import/export data and link to any other Office software such as Word, Access, and Excel.

JD Punch Clock Complete Time Clock Software

JD Punch Clock is your complete employee time clock software solution. JD Punch Clock easily manages all employee time clock punches, while saving you time by automatically calculating their time for you. No longer will you spend hours manually processing time cards, giving you the freedom to run your business, not the calculator.

Timelot - Time clock software

Searching for a robust time clock application or just a simple employee time clock? Timelot was designed to meet your payroll software solutions. Cutting edge pc time clock systems are what we specialize in. Timelot will offer your company a low cost solution for tracking employee time and generating powerful payroll reports. We guarantee to stand behind our solutions with 1-on-1 support and service.

Time and Attendance Software

TimeForce is the key to proficient and successful time tracking and management in your workplace. It's a software-based time and attendance system that allows you to collect and organize your employee time data simply and accurately.

Time Tracking Software

Time tracking is the process of recording the time that you or employees work on various projects or tasks for your customers, your company, or yourself. Time tracking software automates this process by capturing the time electronically, providing a quick and conventient way to record, view, adjust and report time, reducing errors and the time and effort required when compared to manual recording methods.

Employee Time Tracking Software

Time Management Solutions is a provider of web-based time tracking and project management software for small to enterprise-wide corporations. With our web-based time tracking solutions, you simply connect to our services using the Internet. There is no software to install or configure, which means your company can be up and running immediately with no investment in hardware, software, or technical support staff.

Employee Time and Attendance Solution

Easy Time Control Software is an all inclusive Time and Attendance business solution that can interface to all existing payroll systems and allows organizations and individuals to electronically collect and track real time workforce data, streamlining the payroll process. When dealing with countless employees and time and attendance, efficiency is what companies demand. Today more than ever, controlling overhead costs can mean the difference between profit and loss. Easy Time Control Software provides you with a viable solution to reduce the processing time and decrease errors associated with a manual time-keeping process.