For true optimization specialists, the fun is found within the hunt, and acquisition of higher rankings. If you are optimizing your own company's site, or even a clients' - you can boast the highest rankings all day long if you do well. Correction, if you do well with most of your job.

For too long, search engine optimizers have spent all of their time and resources tweaking and manipulating coding and links in order to secure the most prominent rankings possible. And, while increased rankings also means increased visitors - you need to take a step back and evaluate your role within the success of the site you are working on.

Any web site, be it selling products or services, generating leads, or simply informing the public needs to convert on something, that is, it needs to make users take a course of action.

For too long, I have witnessed web sites gain thousands upon thousands of visitors per month, consistently increasing over time as a direct result of true optimization. Beyond those efforts though, the web sites remain essentially the same.

If your client (even if that client it your boss!) owns a web site you are optimizing, you should call their attention not only to your efforts and performance over time, but outside variables as well.

The volume of sales, overall worth per visitor, and conversion rate of visitors on the optimized web site should increase. How? Well, if you are a legit optimization specialist, and spend time targeting the best terms - then the visitors your efforts bring into the site, are much more qualified.

By having more qualified visitors, you are essentially creating more qualified "action" takers.

Another problem with optimization specialists who live behind a wall of HTML and scripting code, is that they fail to make changes that truly impact the user experience. Promoting the "action" steps through optimization-focused efforts is really quite simple once you learn the ropes.

Thankfully, when I have had the opportunity to speak with various individuals over at Google, they have all confirmed that the single best way to give them (Google) what they want, is to have an abundance of relevant and unique content. The best part is, your optimized sites' users want the same thing too.
October 23, 2002

Eric Lander is currently working as an executive manager at The First Listings Marketing Group, an SEO firm located in Taunton Massachusetts. With over 8 years of professional optimization experience, Eric continues to focus his work on client based optimization and educating them on search related marketing. For more information on Eric, please see his professional blog at

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