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Robert Clough

Adwords Vs. Adsense: What's the Difference?

Adwords Vs Adsense: Discover the difference between the Google advertising features adwords and adsense in this guide....

Robert Clough

7 Tips on How to Minimize Your Google Advertising Cost

Good Ads is based on an auction system, and that makes it easy for you to plan your costs. Read on to learn how to reduce your Google advertising cost....

Robert Clough

Getting the Best Bang for Your Buck with Your Google AdWords Account

Are you reaching new customers and growing your business through your Google AdWords account? If not, here's how to get the best bang for your buck!...

Robert Clough

Click, Click, Boom! 5 Reasons Outsourced Adwords Management Is Your Key to Success

Is it worth all your time and energy to manage your business Adwords campaign in-house? Here are 5 reasons why it may worth outsourcing your Adwords management....

Robert Clough

3 Tips for Deciding Between Google Ads and SEO Advertisting

Does your company need a ppc campaign like google ads or SEO advertising? Read these 3 tips to find out the best choice for you!...

Robert Clough

Help! What's the Difference Between Google Adsense and Adwords?

Before you can start using Google Adsense and/or Adwords, you have to understand the difference between the two, and we can help! Just read through this guide to have a better understanding between the two....

Robert Clough

Here's How the Google Speed Update Could Impact Your Site (& AdWords Account)

Wordtstream digs into the upcoming Speed Update with .. What the Google "Speed Update" isWhy Page Speed mattersHow this update will impact SEO and PPC, respectivelyWhich tools you can use to determine your page speed (for free)...

Todd Bailey

The Science of Digital Marketing

"There is no law except the law that there is no law", could not be more true in the digital marketing industry.  Sure, there are guidelines, best practices and policies but that isn't to say that the industry as a whole is, and will always be, a science....

Jayson DeMers

How to Make the Most Out of Salesforce and Adwords Third Party Solutions

Integrating Salesforce and Google Adwords combines two of the most effective tools on the market for generating and managing leads for your business. Here's a closer look at why the integration of Salesforce and Google Adwords matters, and what to do if your business was affected by this change....

Mike Moran

Compare your AdWords account to others--for free

Have you ever asked yourself whether you paid search program is all that it can be? Most of us suspect that we fall short in some areas, but who has the time to stay on top of every aspect of a Google AdWords account, on top of everything else we do all day? Or perhaps you want to check out what kind of job your agency is doing with all your paid search money. Well, WordStream has put together a scoring tool called AdWords Grader that tries to do exactly that--show you how your paid search campaign compares against everyone...

Mike Moran

How to protect your trademark online

In the quaint old offline world, things move slowly. If you have a good name for your business or your product, you know exactly what to do. You do a trademark search to make sure that no one else is using the name (at least within your industry), you add a the trademark symbol™ to your name, and if you really want to go the extra mile, you register your trademark so you can use the registered trademark symbol®. It was so simple back then, wasn't it? But it's a brave new online world now, and you have to worry about all...

Garry Przyklenk

Google AdWords Search Funnels: 3 essential reports you should scrutinize

Back in March, Google launched a new AdWords reporting feature called AdWords Search Funnel.  This long awaited reporting feature provides valuable insights into search user behavior with respect to conversions attributed to paid search campaigns, ad groups and keywords.  If you use all of these reports, that's great, but I'm guessing you already have a tough time keeping up with the standard AdWords interface and changing quality scores.  So instead of going through all the reports, I'm going to focus on three absolutely essential reports you should be scrutinizing: assisted conversions, top paths, and time lag reports....

Mike Moran

Google wants you to speed up your servers

Nobody likes slow web sites, but did you know that it affects your search results? Google is on the record as saying that site performance is a key factor in both organic and paid search results. The other search engines might be doing the same thing. So, if your site has always been a little sluggish during peak times, or just a bit pokey all the time, it might be hurting you in ways that you don't realize....

Sage Lewis

Google Giving Small Businesses a Cheap Advertising Option

Google is doing a test in the Houston market that is allowing small businesses to affordably stand out from their competition. Watch this video to learn how you could benefit from this....

Paul Jahn

Google AdWords Trying Out an Opportunities Tab

On Sunday, I went into AdWords to do a little keyword research. You've seen their keyword tool before. You just go into the campaign, click on the Tools button and you've got the keyword tool right up top. This didn't happen to me Sunday. In fact, I didn't see the Tools button at all. Sitting here confused, it took me quite a few seconds to recognize something I've never seen before, an Opportunities tab.

Paul Jahn

New Feature on Google's Website Optimizer - Auto-Disable Bad Experiments

Since its birth in 2006, Google's Website Optimizer has been a darling child of webmasters and advertisers alike. Very recently, Google quietly added a new feature that potentially makes this tool even more special by allowing you to automatically disable your under-performing experiments. Here's a quick how-to:

Sage Lewis

Google Updates U.S. Ad Text Trademark Policy

Starting June 15 we are all probably going to see a lot more Google Ads containing trademarks. Watch this video to learn how these changes will effect you....

Diana Adams

AdWords (beta) Interface

What do you think? Upon my initial overview, I can say I like it. My apologies to those of you who got here when I accidentally posted before I was ready with this introduction. There are so many aspects to explore with beta layout that I think this is going to take several posts to cover all of them. I'm going to start out with with the Charts / Graphs element as it is so new and wonderful....

Diana Adams

How To Create a Negative Keyword List

Last week's Top 10 ways to save money with PPC was a bit tongue in cheek, but I hope you came away with the the very solid point I was making. Negative keywords are the best way to save money on unwanted clicks. When you're after the lowest cost per conversion (as most ecommerce websites would be, right?) you watch where your ad spend is going very carefully....

Jennifer Laycock

Maximize Your Paid Search Budget with Better Ads

With the holiday shopping season already in full gear online, paid search prices are going to be going up. After all, more competition equals higher prices. That means you'll need to make sure every ad you create has the best shot at landing you a conversion. To do that, you really need to understand how to write great ads.

Diana Adams

Where Do You Set AdWords Match Types?

If you read my last post where I asked "Can You Make Sense Of Match Types," you learned about the four different match types: Broad match, "Phrase match", [Exact match] and -Negative match. We discussed how knowing the match types is only one part of using them. It's equally important that you know where to go to set and how to tell Google that you want to use a match type other than broad match....

Jennifer Laycock

Leverage Information from Google to Lower the Cost of Your PPC Bids

One of the nice things about Google's somewhat complicated paid search advertising system is that as time passes, they give advertisers more and more information about their campaigns. While it takes time to learn how to read and interpret this information, doing so can go a long way toward helping you maximize your campaign performance while minimizing the amount of money you spend on it.

Sage Lewis

Ads and Analytics All Round

Most of our big stories this week revolve around ads and analytics. Search Engine Land talks about how Google's AdWords now integrates images into search results; the example used is products from Blue Nile. According to Yahoo!'s blog, you are now able to geotarget your Yahoo ads by country, city or zip code, and Search Engine Roundtable announces the integration of AdSense with Google Analytics. Plus, Google analytics has added new features like advanced segmentation, customer reports, motion charts and more. Check out the video for information on Microsoft's LiveSearch Webmaster Central forum and the importance of online reviews....

Sage Lewis

No Immunity for the Internet

In the news this week, we learn that the internet is not immune from the effects of the economic downturn. According to Search Engine Watch, both Yahoo! and Zillow are cutting jobs. On the flips side, Marketing Pilgrim reports that 60% of marketers are increasing their online budget, while 80% are decreasing use of traditional media. Also, marketers are still learning how to harness the power of mom bloggers, and Google releases two new tools. You can now learn where you have dead links through Webmaster Central's Error URL report as well as build your own display ads in Google's...

Diana Adams

Can You Make Sense Of Match Types?

We've previously looked at Paid Search Advertising Roadmap, Paid Search Rules and Alphabet Soup and PPC. Now let's start looking at keyword matching. How well do you understand match types?...

Sage Lewis

A Giant Goody Bag of Internet News

Sage packs this week's In the News video full of Google, Facebook, MySpace, Microsoft and more. You'll have to watch the video for the full scoop, but here's some highlights. According to Americans not only expect companies to have a social media presence but 60% of Americans already interact with companys on social media websites. Marketing Pilgrim reports that MySpace is still number one with its 67.5% market share to Facebook's 20.56%, even though Facebook showed a 50% growth. Look for great conversation and information about Google AdWords, Microsoft adCenter, dynamic vs. static URLs, audio indexing of videos and...

David Wallace

Free and Low Cost Tools to Get the Job Done - SBM Unleashed

As a small business owner you may not always have the money to invest in the tools you really need. That's ok. You might actually be surprised to learn how just how many great low cost and even free tools there are to help you improve your online marketing. In this workshop, Matt McGee of Small Business Search Marketing walks attendees through a variety of tools that handle all sorts of marketing related tasks. He'll also provides some insight into which tools are worth paying for and how you can start cheap and work your way toward investing in higher...

Ross Dunn

10 Tips to Improve Ad Quality Score - Notes from SES San Jose

Last week I was fortunate to enjoy the tutelage and company of some talented web marketers at the Search Engine Strategies conference in San Jose. After attending the informative session "Ads in a Quality Score World" I decided to compile the 10 top tips I noted from the presenters on improving and managing quality score....

Mike Moran

Free Ways to Estimate Keyword Demand Redux

You've probably heard me advise marketers to "do it wrong quickly," allowing feedback from customers to help you improve your marketing. I am using feedback from my June 24th post on "Free Ways to Estimate Keyword Demand" (and a fortuitous announcement by Google) to improve the procedure I documented just a few weeks ago. (In case you're wondering, "keyword demand" is the number of searches on a particular search keyword done in a period of time, such as "3,000 U.S. searches per month for the keyword AAA Plumbing"—which you can use to help project the traffic you'll attract to your...

Jennifer Laycock

Google Offers Stronger Conversion Tracking via AdWords

If you are a Google AdWords advertiser and rely on Google's conversion feature to help you figure out your campaign budgets, you'll be interested to learn more about some conversion tracking features they put into place last month. John over at PPC Hero has a nice write up on the features and how you can apply them.

Sage Lewis

Shoemoney Spouts Off While Google Keeps Growing

This week, Sage addresses Shoemoney's article "SEO Has No Future," in which Shoemoney talks about Google-influenced search results and the pervasive problem of web spam in the industry. Sage proposes that the article is possibly nothing more than a link baiting ploy and that the industry maintain focus on optimizing for the visitor's experience. Google looks to increase visitor experiences by including landing page loading time as a quality score factor in Google AdWords by mid-June, and they are in preview release stages of a new, comprehensive, sophisticated, integrated social media tool called Google Friends Connect....

Diana Adams

SEM Boot Camp - Paid Search Advertising Roadmap

Many people do know what PPC advertising is, and where paid advertising is displayed, but my experience at a recent conference reminded me that this isn't always the case. So I decided a great first entry for me at Search Engine Guide would be a Boot Camp style article explaining exactly what paid search advertising looks like .

Jennifer Laycock

Google AdWords Opens up Demographic Bidding

If you've been looking for more control over who sees the ads you run via Google AdWords, here's your chance. Google began beta testing demographic bidding back in January and opened the program up to all AdWords advertisers last Friday. Granted, when they say all AdWords advertisers, they mean all the ones utilizing the content network, but this new feature still gives small business owners far more control than they've ever had over who sees their AdWords ads.

Manoj Jasra

25 Resources For Paid Search Strategies

Paid search is much more than bid management and click-throughs, it's about devising a strategy that compliments your overall online marketing program and providing ROI based on performance which has been quantified at the keyword level. Below are 25 paid search resources ranging from the basics, to best practices, to advanced strategies to measurement....

Simon Heseltine

Google AdWords: Geotargeting Options

So you're running an AdWords campaign for your business, but you only want to target specific locations. How can you do that? Simon Heseltine offers up a walk through Google's geotargeting features to help you get a feel for the best way to narrow down your campaigns.

Patrick Schaber

AdWords Local PlusBox A Great Addition

The announcement of the new Local PlusBox by Google Adwords which places geographical information in the top paid search location changes the PPC strategy for those using more local targeting. The new expandable feature allows advertisers to bid to the top spot in an effort to have the opportunity to display such valuable information as a map, address, driving instructions, and phone number, in addition to the location name that appears beneath the last line of ad.

David Wallace

How Can Small Business Compete in a Highly Competitive Paid Search (PPC) Market?

There are times where it can be difficult for small business to compete in the paid search environment. As the cost of targeting keywords on venues such as Google AdWords continues to increase, many small businesses are finding it difficult to keep pace. They either have to accept the fact that they can afford only a very small slice of the pie or abandon paid search marketing altogether....

Scott Buresh

Google's Paid Search vs. Organic Results - A Rickety Wall of Separation

The good people at Google have long maintained that there is a Chinese Wall between paid search results and organic results - that is, the department responsible for advertising is completely separate from the department responsible for organic search engine placement. The company insists that Google Adwords is a completely separate entity than the Google search engine, and never the twain shall meet. This all sounds very good, in theory.

Jennifer Laycock

4 Ways to Beat Your Google AdWords Competition

While some small business owners lament the ever growing complexity of the Google AdWords Quality Score, others are thanking their lucky stars for a system that no longer requires them to simply outspend the competition. In the new AdWords game, a good marketer can often pass up a big spender. John at The Adventures of PPC Hero wraps up their five part series on pay per click management with a great article offering four ways to out rank and under spend your Google Adwords competitors.

Patrick Schaber

Beginner's Guide to Google Adwords Settings

Have you ever wondered what all those setting are in your Google AdWords campaign? Well, don't feel bad if you don't know. I've come across more than a few people who have campaigns up and running that haven't gone through and made sure they understood the nitty-gritty details of their paid search campaign. I can't think of a better way for small business marketers to throw away advertising dollars. Let's take a look at a few of those settings that play a large role in your campaigns success.

Jennifer Laycock

AdWords Expanded Broad Match Warning

Google AdWords advertisers who closely track their campaigns may have noticed traffic coming in for a wide variety of phrases that might seem like an odd fit for their campaigns. While bloggers have been speculating about problems with the AdWords Broad Match system since late summer, Mike Churchill at SEOClubHouse explains the system is working just as Google wants it to.

Ross Dunn

Keyword Research for PPC

Although researching keywords for SEO is similar to that for PPC there still are many core differences. In many cases using the generic targets with high searches can be very costly in the world of PPC. While they can offer a good return, often long tailed, very specific phrases can offer more qualified traffic at a lower price

Jennifer Laycock

Are You Using Google Coupons?

What's that, you say? Google offers a coupon option? Why yes they do. Google announced the service last summer but hasn't done much in the way of promoting it since then. So if you'd like a way to differentiate your business on Google Maps listings, here you go....

Jennifer Laycock

Inside Google's New Pay Per Action for Advertisers

While many bloggers are focusing on the publisher side of Google's new pay-per-action program, I thought it might be a good idea to dive into the act of setting up a campaign. It's pretty straight forward if you've ever used the Google AdWords system, but here's a step-by-step walk-through of the process....

Richard Ball

Google AdWords: Local Advertising

Search engine advertising is beneficial for local advertisers as well as national advertisers. Google's advertising system, AdWords, offers the option to target ads to searchers in a specific geographic region. Due to the method Google uses to identify the location of these searchers, though, it's imperative for local advertisers to run national ads as well....

Karon Thackston

Copywriting With Google's Dynamic Keyword Insertion Tool

In case you're unfamiliar with dynamic keyword insertion (DKI), it's a feature of Google's AdWords program. It is often used for large campaigns in order to automatically insert the keyword into the headline of an ad. Truly, it's a lifesaver for many pay-per-click (PPC) ad managers who have to stay on top of thousands of ads every day....

Jim Hedger

Google's 0.02% Spin Solution

According to Google, actual click fraud only accounts for 0.02% of all click activity found when Google's team is asked to audit an advertiser's account. If correct, Google's 0.02% assertion places the perceived dollar value of actual click fraud in their system somewhere in the range of $2,100,000....

Daniel Jupp

Tackling Click Fraud

"I know half of the money I spend on advertising is wasted. I just don't know which half". Daniel Jupp, the founder and managing director of PPC management consultancy Top Position, looks at how search portals monitor click fraud and how you can avoid becoming a statistic......

Stoney deGeyter

Google AdWords Landing Page and Site Quality Guidelines

To add to Jennifer's post yesterday on Google's AdWords Quality Score, I found another bit of information provided by Google, Google AdWords Landing Page and Site Quality Guidelines. Google lays out some information that is good nut just for PPCers but for SEOers as well....

Karri Flatla

How Much Will it Cost to Get More Traffic to My Website?

A good marketer will evaluate your online venture holistically and then allocate finite resources to those tactics that will have the most impact toward an agreed upon end. Just know that the "end" does not suddenly arrive one day like a freight train roaring through your home office....

Richard Ball

Click Fraud Minimization Strategies

Neither Google nor Yahoo do a good job educating users about the risks of contextual advertising. For advertisers new to search engine marketing, it would be wise to disable contextual advertising while learning effective search engine advertising techniques....

Lisa Stewart

Confessions of a Clicking Housewife - Google AdWords Fraud

Article in Washington Post about an Iowa woman's claim that she spends hours daily clicking Google AdWords Ads. The article describes how Jackie Parks, a disabled stay-at-home mom in Iowa spends hours each day clicking Google AdWords ads for- 1/2 a penny(!) a click each day. She makes 300.00 a year doing this....

Jim Hedger

Click Fraud Series : Defining the Context of a Problem

This is the first piece in an ongoing series on Click Fraud. Many in the search marketing and search advertising industries would prefer the issue be avoided altogether. Paid search advertising has grown to become a rapidly expanding multi-billion dollar industry, much of it based on the success of PPC....

Bruce Clay

The Promise of Behavioral Targeting

Behavioral targeting is relatively new but catching on fast. The Internet, with its ability to record behavior, is largely responsible for the increase in behavioral targeting. Marketers like targeted ads because they reach specific consumers, eliminating waste and increasing advertising efficiency....

Daniel Jupp

Google v Overture

Search engine marketing is literally a war of words. Clawing your way to the top of the pile often requires a skill level befitting the most advanced of military campaigns but in order to reap the benefits, you first have to ensure you re fighting the right battle....

Jennifer Laycock

Google Launches Ad Scheduling (Dayparting)

It wasn't but a few weeks ago that I wrote about Google's plans to add dayparting to their AdWords management system. The system is now up and running and for small business owners that are able to track their conversion rates down to the day or time of day, this new Ad Scheduling system offers up a world of opportunity....

Jennifer Laycock

AdWords to Integrate Dayparting and Ad Scheduling

Last week, the Google team announced plans to integrate dayparting and ad scheduling into the AdWords advertiser panel. With Microsoft's adCenter already offering limited dayparting options, it was only a matter of time until Google was forced to do the same. Even so, most small businesses will be looking forward to this feature launch with great anticipation....

Jim Hedger

The Revolution Will Be Televised, Details After These Ads by Google

The sudden appearance of Google's online video ad distribution service is going to have multiple repercussions for the $38 Billion US television advertising market. It is also going to present multiple opportunities for search marketers and their clients....

Garrett French

The Effects of Combining Paid and Organic Search

One thing that prospects have asked about recently is the effects of combining paid and organic search. Greg Jarboe gave a presentaion in 2003 in which he mentioned the "second opinion effect." He saw a 3 times conversion increase for a site with top rankings in paid and organic...

Todd Mintz

How to Setup a PPC Campaign for an "Established" Website

As I discovered recently, creating a PPC campaign for a mature website can differ greatly from a typical PPC campaign setup....

Jennifer Laycock

AdWords Offers Demographic Selections

AdWords' demographic option is designed to let advertisers select specific sites to advertise on based on the demographics of that site. Advertisers will be able to specify a preference in up to three categories....

Lee Odden

Interview with Andrew Goodman of Traffick and Page Zero Media

Andrew Goodman is known as the guy who "wrote the book" on Google AdWords or at least that's one of the ways I like to think of him. He's authored/edited since long before blogs became popular, speaks at numerous industry conferences and also has a successful SEM agency, Page Zero Media. In this interview, Andrew explains how he tossed in the towel on his PhD to become, gasp, an internet marketer!...

Kalena Jordan

How to Improve your Click Through Rate in Google AdWords

As you probably know, your ad position in Google relies heavily on your CTR compared to your competitors, so I was keen to turn things around and keep my high ad positions....

Karon Thackston

Lower Cost & Increase Conversion of Your Adwords Leads

When you qualify your AdWords leads, you can reduce the click-through rate (CTR) of browsers and help direct only those most interested in your offer to your site. How is it done? By inserting text that will purposely eliminate arbitrary visitors....

Richard Ball

Google AdWords Marketing: Exact Match Bidding

The use of both broad and exact matches in Google AdWords campaigns can be a great boon to your marketing campaigns, find out why....

Richard Ball

Mastering Google AdWords Marketing: Contextual Advertising - Part 2

For existing, combined ad campaigns, it's worth taking the time to replicate a campaign and set one for the content network and the other for the search network....

Richard Ball

Mastering Google AdWords Marketing: Contextual Advertising - Part 1

by Richard Ball - The target audience for search ads and content ads (contextual ads) can be quite different....

Shawn Campbell

Yahoo SM vs. Google AdWords

How does Yahoo SM compare with Google's AdWords? Both programs have advantages and disadvantages....

Andrew Goodman

Prime Google AdWords Keywords Still Ignored by Many Businesses

If it goes zip when it moves, and pop when it stops, chances are you can still advertise it online for pennies a click....