Stoney deGeyter

Yeah, But... [My Cousin / Mom / Webmaster / Company X] Does SEO a Lot Cheaper

Everyone likes to bargain shop. We don't like paying "full price" for anything. When we do, and find out later we could have gotten it cheaper somewhere else, it really burns us.

Jayson DeMers

Increasing Site Speed: 8 Often-Overlooked Steps

How important is your website's speed? When it comes to internet traffic, it's critical - and that may be an understatement. Read on to learn more of its significance and what advanced - and often overlooked - steps you can take to increase website speed....

Mike Moran

How do you break into SEO?

If you are in this business long enough, someone will come up and ask the question. To some of them, it is the most important question in their lives: "How do I break into SEO?" I honestly get this question several times a month.  And each person that asks me is ready for my answer. Some seem ready to take notes. They expect that I am going to rattle off some kind of canned answer that will unlock the secret to their future career. But I don't, because it isn't that easy......

Jayson DeMers

10 Ways SEO Works for B2B Companies

When marketers think of SEO, they often misunderstand its relationship with B2B companies. Typically, SEO is associated with B2C organizations, since customer acquisition is focused on a positive brand user experience. It's easy to forget, though, that marketing to other businesses still involves marketing to people and building relationships....

Stoney deGeyter

A Simple Overview of Meta Tags

It always amazes me at the number of people I come across who equate SEO with "adding keywords to meta tags." As if SEO is a bag of magic beans that when properly placed, grow your site to a #1 ranking--you know, where the goose that lays the golden eggs lives. I've seen that movie, and it's called a fairy tale for a reason. It's just not true!...

Jayson DeMers

How Schema Helps Your SEO Campaign

Every business, regardless of where you stand, is interested in growing and upping customer leads; your website is the perfect conductor for this. Schema data can optimize your SEO, which in turn can cause an increase in targeted search traffic, which results in more customer leads. But what is Schema data anyway?...

Jayson DeMers

Survey: 83% of Businesses Aren't Prepared for Online Threats

Following Target's data breach, in which the financial and personal data of 40 million Americans was leaked online, cyber security has been the focal point of businesses everywhere - or so we've been told....

Stoney deGeyter

Yeah, But...I Can't Afford SEO!

In many ways I'm an extremely budget-conscious person. I don't like spending money when I can get the same thing cheaper and just as easily. But, over the years, I began to discover a timeless truth: You truly do get what you pay for!...

Mike Moran

How do I improve our online reputation?

I recently got a question from a company with a problem. They have a history of not-so-sterling treatment of customers during the sales process (think used-car dealer approach), which they've used throughout the history of the company. For years, the company has been successful, despite customer complaints, but now they are running into a snag. The company's online reputation is not good, and they are worried that it is starting to affect their sales. They asked if I could help them eliminate the negative results that are popping up about them in search......

Stoney deGeyter

Dear Developer: Building a Website Isn't Good Enough, It Has To Be Marketable, Too

Dear Web Developer,Let me start off by saying that I am simply amazed at your skills and abilities. The fact that you can take what appears to be random strings of letters, numbers and other strange keyboard characters and turn them into a great looking website is, quite simply, an amazing feat. I can't do what you do, and I'm glad there are people like you who can....

Mike Fleming

Website Usability Tips for How People Use the Web

Last time I shared here, I established that a major problem affecting your site performance is that (because you designed or contributed to or commissioned and approved the site) YOU don't have to think when YOU use the site because YOU know what everything means, how everything is supposed to work, where everything is located and where every click is supposed to go. Your visitors are left to interpret things that you already know the interpretation for.A second major problem affecting your site performance is that you designed it for people who use the web in a similar fashion to...

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