Stoney deGeyter

Yeah, But... I Already Rank For My Company Name

Every now and then we get a call from a prospect who seems to want to try to talk themselves out of buying SEO. We call them "Yeah, Butters." And if you've been following this series, you understand why.

One of the common objections we hear is, "But we already rank for our company name, so why do I need SEO?"

There are a couple dynamics at play here. One, you're probably seeing personalized results, not necessarily what the rest of the world sees. And two, because... and this is important here... UNLESS YOU'RE A WELL-KNOWN BRAND, NOBODY IS SEARCHING FOR YOUR COMPANY NAME!!! 

Mike Moran

Does the Internet allow more differentiation?

If you are a marketer, you can't ignore differentiation. Differentiation is not just about a difference from the competition--it's a difference that your customers care about. Without some kind of differentiation, marketers don't have much to talk about. And talk they do, every kind of advertising is based on some kind of marketing message--most about differentiation. But how does the Internet change the way marketers discuss differentiation? Does the Internet allow more differentiation? Read on....

Stoney deGeyter

Not Every Piece of Web Content Is a Masterpiece--Nor Should It Be

There are two types of writers:Those who write and produce masterpiecesThose who write to produce masterpiecesThe difference between the two is that the first one is a better writer than the second....

Jayson DeMers

Is Your Hosting Coasting? Here's How Site Speed Affects SEO

Search engines consider hundreds of factors to determine search engine rankings. Many of these factors are related to a website's content, such as its text and titles, or to the authenticity of the site itself. Several years ago, Google announced yet another consideration regarding ranking; the speed with which site visitors can view the pages....

Stoney deGeyter

SEO is a Partnership, Not a Solo Endeavor

At the end of the day, both the client and the SEO bear responsibility for the success of any campaign.

Mike Fleming

Avoiding Website Navigation That Makes Users Never Want to Come Back

In my experience, grocery stores are one of the most frustrating places I go. I really try to avoid going at all costs. Why?  Because when I go, I'm usually looking for unusual ingredients for something special my wife is planning to make. She sends me there for things like ground red pepper, evaporated chicken broth, rare beans or chopped green chiles.If I were going there for some milk, then no problem, because I know they always put the milk in the back corner of the store. But when I (the non-frequent grocery store user) go for unusual items, I...

Stoney deGeyter

Assembling the Big SEO Puzzle One Small Piece at a Time

I've always said that SEO is really about baby steps. While there are almost always some easy big wins when dealing with a site's architecture, for the most part, successful SEO is a combination of hundreds of different things.On algorithmic signals alone, there are over 200 that factor into how a page ranks. That number may or may not include local and mobile signals. Then add on top of that usability and conversion optimization, you're easily looking at several hundred individual issues that can, and often do, effect how your site performs against your competitors.Can you optimize for all of...

Stoney deGeyter

We Don't Rank Websites. That's Google's Job.

The recent news of an SEO getting sued for lack of results got me thinking about the dynamic that SEOs and their clients need to have in order for any web marketing campaign to be successful. Unlike many other industries, the success of SEO relies heavily on the client themselves....

Mike Fleming

Improve Your Website By Getting Beyond Who's Right and Wrong

In my efforts to help businesses improve the conversion rates on their websites, I hear objections ALL the time. Behind the objections, I have observed fear (about how the changes will perform), offense (because they think I'm implying their work isn't up to snuff) and procrastination (because they want to avoid the scary world of testing).A few factors that I've seen contribute to this include:>  Stakeholder's opinions about what will work best for a particular site or page within a site are usually strongly held, whether it's because it's what they like themselves or what they believe as a professional.> ...

Mike Moran

Are You Launching Sinking Websites?

When I was in Stockholm, I visited a very cool museum dedicated to the Vasa ship, a huge Swedish warship launched in the 1620s. The ship was on display for all to see, with lots of explanations about the way it was built, what life was like back then, and many other interesting facts. But this is not your standard museum of history. Because the story of the Vasa has huge implications on the way we operate in business today, even the way we launch Web sites......

Mike Fleming

Less Is More When Writing for Landing Pages

Yes, I know why you include so many words on your marketing landing pages. It's because you really, really, REALLY want your visitors to get it. You want them to understand all that it is you have to offer them and how choosing to do business with you is really going to change their lives. You want to use all of the information you can to persuade them to stick with you, to continue on the journey to being your customer. Problem is--they don't read them. I know you worked hard on it, and I'm sorry.So, what do you do...

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