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Interesting Research Stuff
By Curt Davis - September 11, 2000 (From the Interesting Stuff Newsletter)

Just in time for the new school season - HomeworkSpot is a free homework information portal that features the very best K-12 homework- related sites together with engaging editorial in one high-utility, educational spot. With the help of students, parents and teachers, a team of educators, librarians and journalists has scoured the Web to bring you the best resources for English, math, science, history, art, music, technology, foreign language, college prep, health, life skills, extracurricular activities and much more.

Be sure to check out LibrarySpot and GovSpot while you are at HomeworkSpot!

I'll bet that just about everyone has seen the CIA World Factbook... BUT have you seen the latest update... the 2000 edition? Definitely worth the visit.

OpinionJournal comes from The Wall Street Journal Editorial Page. This site is searchable for both the Opinion Journal and the Wall Street Journal. Find those great WSJ editorial articles fast with OpinionJournal:

There are soooooo many great health sites out there. Well, here is one more that seems worthy of including in your bookmarks or favorites - The Internet Health Library (it's searchable too):

As long as I am mentioning health websites... AnswerMed's objective is to provide you with practical information on medical conditions and medical/surgical procedures with generic answers to simple questions about common illnesses, injuries and procedures.

T-mail is translating the Internet (their words, not mine)... Anyway, T-mail is pretty cool. It's a free service that translates email messages in several languages. T-mail offers some other neat services too and there are a few ways to use them. Check out T-text, T-board and T-sail too... Pretty cool! is a website about inequality in income, wealth and health... Lots of information, quotes and statistics that I thought were very interesting.

GeoBiz2Biz claims to be the best online directory providing helpful information for business professionals. Resources include links to business directory info, web solutions, procurement services, supply chains, and other business tools.

I have to admit that until recently I haven't been much of a fan of the GeoPortals. However, I think the folks at GeoPortals are making some huge strides in providing some pretty good sites! I see a lot of similarity to ABOUT.COM (another portal type site that I didn't like at first - but now I am a huge fan of If you were like me and didn't find too much use for these places or if you haven't seen them in a while, they are worth a visit now!

The GeoPortals: has put together some of the best collections of resources on a large variety of topics! guides really do try to help. I have emailed questions to guides and received prompt courteous replies with good information.

Find Tutorials claims to have "The biggest database of free tutorials on the internet with thousands of free guides and tutorials listed in hundreds of categories." Find Tutorials is also searchable - I could spend a lot of time at this place!

Seems like everybody is making a portal these days! is your destination travel portal. The bopLOP travel search engine will link you to everything, from hotel booking, airline tickets and vacation stores, to area guides, health & safety info and maps.

Do you like cows? Well, if you don't like cows I suppose you could skip this next one. Big Dave's Cow Page has cow-related info on the Web. It's mostly just fun stuff with some cow pictures, cow sounds and a little cow humor, but there's a couple of links to actual, even possibly useful, cow information.

If you are interested in photography... All Things Photo is for you! All Things Photo is a search engine dedicated to photography and digital imaging:

The Community Health Status Indicators (CHSI) Project was launched in response to grassroots requests from local health officials for health data at the local level. The CHSI project team created 3,082 reports of health status indicators, one for each county in the nation. A very interesting website!

Lastly for now, is the only comprehensive Internet- based monitoring, intelligence gathering and clipping service. Using advanced proprietary searching, verification and database technologies, helps you meet the Internet monitoring challenge. There is a charge for this service, but WebClipping is good to know about if you ever need it!

Well, I guess that's about enough Interesting Stuff for now... :)

Interesting Stuff

Interesting Stuff
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