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Interesting Research Stuff
By Curt Davis - September 25, 2000 (From the Interesting Stuff Newsletter)

The Investigator's Toolbox has some really great Online Resources for Researchers! I could mentioned all sorts of online resources that are included at the Investigator's Toolbox, but I think the best thing for me to do is just say "stop by and see for yourself""

Fravia's web-searching lore teaches basic and advanced search techniques for people interested in finding any kind of information on the web. I haven't spent a lot of time at Fravia, but the website seems to have lots of information and a fun presentation!

If you like antiques, you will probably love this website! Antiques on the web from the BBC has lots of antique information including buyers guides, quizzes, antique of the week and information on all your favorite BBS programs. Be sure to visit the section on Roadshow Finds (one of my favorites):

I think I might have mentioned this one before... A complete illustrated Guide to the PC Hardware, Logic and Architecture. This place has something for everyone whether you are a teacher, student or just want to learn on your own. 450 easy-read pages about the modern PC. Understand the basic architecture of CPUs, buses, drives, digitalizing and so on.

Online Newspapers has "Thousands of newspapers on the Net!" This place claims to have the World's largest listing of newspapers on the web and I think I believe them!

KnowX is a great site! KnowX will help you with instant public records searches - find people, do background checks, genealogy research, find assets and much more public information. Some of the searches at KnowX are free and the fees are reasonable if you are looking for information that KnowX can help with:

KnowledgeRush is your online library resource for thousands of free books to read, and place to publish your original works. This one is a keeper!

Be sure to check out the Knowledge Rush "other resources" for some more great places to visit!

Fact Monster is unique in combining essential reference materials, fun facts and features, and individualized homework help for kids. From the solar system to the world economy to the latest on Harry Potter, Fact Monster has the information kids are seeking, all in one easy-to-use, searchable site. Fact Monster is fun too!

What's On Web Radio lists all of the radio stations that are broadcasting live on the internet. You can listen to most of the live webcasts using Real Player or Windows Media software. Select a continent for your radio taste and give a listen:

I find interesting websites from a variety of sources (mostly lists I subscribe to). If you find yourself searching for something and would like some help, give SeeknFind a try. SeeknFind is a discussion mailing list where subscribers help each other find information in the Internet, such as files, faqs, guides, software, content sites, technical information, resources, and in general any answer to any question! Alan Harrell is your host for SeeknFind along with Ben Cooper and some other very knowledgeable folks ready to help.

Well, I guess that's about enough Interesting Stuff for now... :)

Interesting Stuff

Interesting Stuff
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