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Interesting Research Stuff
By Curt Davis - November 13, 2000 (From the Interesting Stuff Newsletter)

DictSearch lets you search in 168 on-line dictionaries on the Internet and Translate from 60 source languages into 61 target languages - over 300 language combinations.

Why?com is the world's first-ever user-rated guide to the web. Want to find the best place on the web to SHOP? Or how about the best SPORTS site to follow your favorite teams? You can find it here along with the rest of the best of the web, as rated by real people like you. Why? Because you said so.

Scott Kerlin's Research Library is an excellent online resource for many areas! There is soooooo much stuff at Scott's place that you could spend days wading through all of the helpful resources. This one is another keeper!

The US Department of Transportation's TRIS Online provides a web- based version of the Transportation Research Information Services (TRIS) bibliographic database. TRIS Online provides: 400,000 bibliographic records covering transportation research, coverage of Federal, state, local and association publications, coverage of the literature from the 1960s to the present and MUCH more - AND it's searchable!

Be sure to check out the link on TRIS for the Bureau of Transportation Statistics for some more interesting stuff!

If you ever find yourself searching for graphics - give GoGraph a try! Using simple keywords, GoGraph allows you to quickly locate icons, animated GIFs, photographs, Clip Art, Wallpapers and Interfaces. GoGraph makes it easier to search for the right graphic.

The WWW is a wonderful place. Here are hundreds of the glossaries and dictionaries found by Frank Dietz, Ph.D. during his web wanderings. Dr. Frank boasts over 1,300 glossary links here. This one is a keeper!

NetSizer is an Interactive Tool that allows one to estimate a variety of statistics related to the size of the Internet, including the number of hosts by month or by domain. The estimates and forecasts given by NetSizer are based on some state-of-the-art statistical methodologies as described in the methodology sections. Very interesting IMHO!

There are lots of phone directory webpages out there, but have you seen This phone directory is a little different because you can enter part of a phone number to search a listing... you can also do name and address searching, find an area code, a zip code, an email address, a web site, toll free phone numbers, international directories and even make a map

The CUI W3 Search Engines webpage has a great collection of search links. The webpage collects some of the most useful search engines available on the WWW.

The National Safety Council provides research and statistical information in many areas; it produces Injury Facts, Journal of Safety Research, and other publications. Lots of interesting Stuff can be found here!

The Perry-Castaņeda Library (PCL) Map Collection is a general collection of more than 250,000 maps covering all areas of the world. More than 5,000 map images from the PCL collection are also available online.

Pack Track has Fast, all-in-one package tracking to find your packages quickly. One click tracks your package with over a dozen carriers.

Repositories of Primary Sources is a listing of over 4200 websites describing holdings of manuscripts, archives, rare books, historical photographs, and other primary sources for the research scholar.

There are lots of Whois lookup websites, but I think AllWhois really is the most complete whois on the internet. Next time you want to find out about any domain name - check out Allwhois:

Well, I guess that's about enough Interesting Stuff for now... :)

Interesting Stuff

Interesting Stuff
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