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Interesting Research Stuff
By Curt Davis - December 06, 2000 (From the Interesting Stuff Newsletter)

I thought I would begin this issue with an excellent resource for finding people (both online and offline!). If you have ever wondered how to research information to find someone, the tutorials here will give you the information you need! Genealogy Classes has LOTS of tips and strategies to help you with Genealogy research!

Internet Search FAQ - How to Find Information, People, Research Data and Almost Anything Else on the Net was compiled originally for writers, but there is a lot of great information here for everyone!

I stumbled across another pretty good meta search engine - Zworks... The Zworks power search interface is one that is really easy to use with lots of options and the results seem to be very good:

The Department of Labor has a very interesting guide about the Facts on Working Women. "Women, Work, and Wages - HOW TO GET THE JOB AND PAY YOU WANT" is another handy tool for anyone who searches the internet. Perform your search on multiple sites at the same time. Search specialized topics, such as news, movies, and recipes.

Art Spider is a Search Engine for the Arts. I haven't put the Art Spider though any real tough search tests, but this one looks pretty good on the surface!

Arizona Online Highways has a great webpage about Arizona - the Grand Canyon State which was once thought to be an almost worthless desert... Lots of great pics and information about the friendly folks in Arizona (like me):

Subjex is an artificially intelligent dialogue based search engine powered by the Subjex dialogue engine which refines search through voice or text dialog with the user. This one looks very promising - another keeper!

The Spider's Apprentice has a helpful guide to search engines... How to get the most from search engines like AltaVista, Infoseek, Excite, Webcrawler, Lycos, HotBot, and the Yahoo Directory.

The Directory of Computer Hardware contains extensive information about computer hardware. There are also links to tutorials, sources for drivers, product reviews and more.

EpGuides contains Episode Lists for over 1550 TV shows. Each list contains titles and airdates. For over 375 shows there is a more detailed episode guide containing guest stars and plot summaries. A pretty cool place!

The Earth Observatory Library gives you access to reference materials on everything found within the Earth Observatory. There is so much interesting information here I can only suggest that you take some time to check this place out!!!

UCLA has an interesting study about Surveying the Digital Future: How the PC and Internet Are Changing the World. "Surveying the Digital Future" is a plan to conduct the study of computers and the Internet as well as successive technologies that should have been conducted when television entered our lives."

Browser News Stats has lots of information about browsers and search stats that I found interesting including Tips, the importance of Search Engines, Which Search Engines are Most Used, and whether Search Engines List Your Site:

also check out the Browser stats here:

As much as I try not to duplicate posts to NetSites, I gotta mention the Encyclopedia Astronautica which is the most complete resource for rockets, spacecraft launch vehicles, astronauts, cosmonauts, spaceflight engines, space history and exploration. This website is HOT!

The JAIR Information Space was designed by the Information Architecture project at the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. The project seeks to observe and define design criteria, design rationales, and design practice in spatial information design, to discover principles that enable the design of principled information spaces, and to implement spaces to test our findings.

NetGuide is your guide to doing more on the Internet. New sites, best sites, live events, Internet tips and tricks -- everything you need to know to get the most out of your online experience!

Here is a webpage that might come in handy... Every Rule in the Universe Covers Sports, Board Games, Card Games, Kids Games, Computer Games, Casino Games, TV Game Shows, Etiquette, Etc.

Well, I guess that's about enough Interesting Stuff for now... :)

Interesting Stuff

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