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Interesting Stuff
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Interesting Stuff.
© 2001 Curt Davis.

Interesting Research Stuff
By Curt Davis - March 19, 2001 (From the Interesting Stuff Newsletter)

I thought I would begin today with a new resource (since my last newsletter), one that is already highly acclaimed... Gary Price's Virtual Acquisition Shelf & News Desk has Resources & News for Information Professionals & Researchers, but I know you will find it useful too!

The STIMULUS Internet 101 page wants you to know that everything about the internet is very simple to understand, once someone explains it to you... This site is dedicated to teaching everyone about the internet. It will constantly grow with new lessons and information for all ages.

Since this is my 10th issue, I really need to mention one of the absolute best collection of useful references I have found... Marten Hofstede's collection of special search engines includes just about anything you might need... I know I have mentioned this website before, but there is always something interesting here well worth stopping by!

The Super Searchers Web Page features a growing collection of links to subject-specific Web resources recommended by the world’s leading online searchers. The Super Searchers Web Page is provided as a bonus to readers of the Super Searchers series of books. Currently, links to mergers & acquisitions, news, health & medicine, investment, business and legal information resources are featured here. As new series titles are released, more links to resources for those research topics will also be added.

BTW - My interest in internet searching really started when I read "Secrets of the Super Net Searchers" by Reva Basch several years ago. I have several of the Super Searchers books and all of them are excellent resources! I have no affiliation with these books - I am just glad I have read them and have them on my bookshelf.

Tax Harbor's Online Tax Guide for Individuals is a supercharged version of the official IRS tax guide. You can move around easily throughout the guide with the interactive Table of Contents, Index, and internal links. Hyperlinks will take you to additional forms and publications with just a click. A handy income tax reference!

Room102 is a directory and search engine that offers a fresh, new view of Internet Web sites through its patent-pending SlideShow technology. Room102 is a Slide Show Search Engine - pretty cool!

The Genealogy Portal is designed to assist genealogists in finding information that is not readily accessible through traditional genealogical link sites. This great resource will Search Genealogy Sites on the Web and all search engines contained in Genealogy Portal are free to all users.

The Solar System simulator is a very cool place! The simulator is a NASA spyglass on the cosmos. Just pick your options and the simulator will create a color image of your favorite planet or satellite!

The Sources and Experts list was created to help busy journalists find high-quality experts quickly. This list is divided into three parts: sites that are useful for one-stop shopping for experts on a wide variety of topics; good places to look for authors and editors; and organizations arranged alphabetically by specialty area.

Here is a great health reference! HealthLink Plus has Your consumer health prescription to general health, health care providers, medical research, insurance, wellness, mental health, and alternative medicine. Topics include government sites, doctor finders, Medicare/Medicaid, nutrition, sports medicine, advocacy and support groups, and mind-body medicine.

The LitEngine is a literary guide to the internet, an innovative and highly selective literary search engine that is fast becoming the best source on the web for on-line information about this century's most important authors and poets. LitEngine has catalogued thousands of links to sites containing primary material by and about leading literary figures.

Here is a _really_good_website for the kids... even big kids like me enjoy it too :) Seussville has lots of games for you to play to keep you entertained all day! The greatest games you've ever seen to play on your computer screen. Plus some games you print out and then You play them with paper and pen.

News365 is a great News Portal site covering over 300 News topics in News, Sports, Business, Entertainment, Tech, Health, Politics, Local, and International... News & Information at your finger tips - over 10,000 news media, 300 topics!

The Museum of Hoaxes is a History of hoaxes from the middle ages to the present. This place isn't meant to provide a detailed list of internet hoaxes, but it is an interesting collection of hoaxes dating back to 750AD...

Freebie Crawler is a place for frugal folks! Find free stuff faster at the Freebie Crawler search engine. The Freebie Crawler has a Rapid directory of only those sites that offer free stuff.

Infotrieve's article finder is a handy resource for those hard to find articles. This is a fee-based service, but you can search for free.

Tax Planet's Year-Round Tax Guide has an extensive collection of year- round tax tips and feature articles on personal tax issues... Some things that might come in handy in the next few weeks!

Northern Light's Special Editions are one-stop resources combining relevant links from authoritative Web sites with free documents from Northern Light's own online publication library. The Northern Light Special Editions now include The New York Times and over 100 papers from Knight Ridder.

Here's a place just in time for Easter Eggs and other handy work... Kids Craft Corner offers craft instructions for kids of all ages.

Community Information by Zip Code is a great website with LOTS of information locatable by zip codes! This website is a Library research guide from California State University at Northridge and is a comprehensive guide to statistics and other data available by zip code.

Estate Planning is a highly specialized area... Here is a very informative website that provides a good reference for the principles and ideas of Estate Planning.

Here is another webpage that verifies the fact that Librarians really help to make the internet useful! Charlie Livermore's Collection of Library and Online Reference Links has lots of handy links everyone should find useful!

Weather Look has Weather links, live web cams, data forecasts and includes weather forecast, weather radar, weather maps, local weather, updates, weather, local information, satellite, news, road and ski conditions, drought, drought conditions... just a real good weather site!

Just35 takes a different approach to searching... Just35 is designed to find you 35 sites that are in the specific category you are looking for. Ever wondered what it would be like to actually find what you were looking for on a search engine? Well, Just35 can help.

The Golf Search Engine is your one stop web destination for finding anything "golf" - Information, equipment, clubs, balls, carts, courses... if it's golf, you'll find it here.

The Gelman Research Guides at George Washington University are annotated lists of important information sources in specific subject areas. These guides are excellent starting points when doing research. The guides also include some excellent links to places outside George Washington University!

Playbill's Theatre search will help you find those shows and theatres! Search specific theatres in cities for specific shows... You can also search for theatres with shows that are suitable for children.

Super Snooper is At Your Command! Search the Internet and beyond by entering your Snoop word or phrase...

Gee-Wiz is an interesting directory / search webpage I stumbled across. Gee-Wiz includes the usual categories and some other stuff too...

Well, I guess that's about enough Interesting Stuff for now... :)