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Interesting Stuff
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Interesting Stuff.
© 2001 Curt Davis.

Interesting Research Stuff
By Curt Davis - April 30, 2001 (From the Interesting Stuff Newsletter)

I thought I would start this issue with Kids Click, a _really_great_ place. Kids Click is a web search for Kids created by Librarians as a logical step in addressing concerns about the role of public libraries in guiding their young users to valuable and age appropriate web sites. Search over 600+ subjects by letter, search for specific information or use the directory listing of lots of categories. This is a great place!!/

I don't usually include several links for one site in this newsletter, but two Kids Click links you should be sure to see are the Kids Search tools:

And the Kids Click Worlds of Web Searching Search Lessons

The Web Gallery of Art contains over 8,000 digital reproductions of European paintings and sculptures created between the years 1150 and 1750. A considerable number of the pictures are commented and biographies of the significant artists are given. A versatile search engine allows you to find pictures in the collection using various search criteria.

Search the Web Gallery here:

bsy's List of Internet Accessible Machines is a cool place! Check out a huge list of various interesting machines that are accessible via the Internet. Lots of interesting stuff here that will keep you occupied for quite a while.

Ameristat gives you instant summaries in graphics and text of the demographic characteristics of the U.S. population. AmeriStat saves you the time of mining large data files from a range of sources, including the U.S. Census Bureau. Another GREAT source for interesting information!

AllHealthNet is one of the best medical resources and global medical search engine! AllHealthNet is the largest, most accurate, up to date and comprehensive source of medical information available on the web.

Every once in a while I like to mention a program that makes my life easier. Avery Wizard is the best program I have found to print label and best of all this program is FREE! Avery Wizard is a very versatile add-in program for Microsoft Word. You will need to register with Avery to get this program, but if you ever need to print labels you will be happy you did! Following is a long URL - there are no spaces in it.

Wizard M claims to be the easiest way to find information on the internet with a search engine so good it's nearly magic. Wizard M is also the only search engine run by a mythical figure of legend... Anyway, this one looks like it's worth checking out.

How to Dance Properly is a website I really like! Learn how to dance (properly) several dances like "who's your daddy" "the basic twirl" "stir the pot of love" "new school" and others.

The Nutshell is a FREE Information Center for everyone involved with or interested in information. The Nutshell is packed with news, useful links, careers information, a range of tools, services and information, that make The Nutshell is the first place to come for your information needs. Registration is required - but it's free and you'll find lots of "Interesting Stuff" when you do.

Micro Images Convert-It is a handy resource to know about! Micro Images math conversion tables will Convert just about anything to anything!

Here is a search engine that's good for a laugh or two... The HardyHarHar Search Engine makes finding a joke as easy as 1-2-3. You can search HardyHarHar by category, keyword or a phrase match.

SpellOnLine is an International spelling corrector that will check spelling in English, French, Italian, Portugese and Spanish.

The Info Service claims to be The Web's Best Resource. With all of the categories of information available, you should be sure to find something you like at the Info Service!

Find the Math Stuff you are looking for with Math-Find, The Mathematics Search Engine

Here are a couple of great travel search sites... Fare chase allows users to compare prices and availability for airlines, hotels and car rentals without going to multiple sites. It works with any browser and requires no downloads...Users connect to the originating Web site to make the booking directly.

QIXO helps travelers find the best prices and options for flights quickly from over a dozen travel web sites. QIXO searches numerous travel web sites at once to ensure that travelers find the best fares for their needs.

Physlink is a great Physics, engineering, science and general science reference and resource site.

You can even ask the physics experts questions or browse through questions others have asked.

1001 Searches lets you search the web a zillion different ways! 1001 Searches includes a directory listing and lots of search categories. Be sure to check out the 1001 Newspages too!

CultureFinder will help you find some of the finer things in life... Search for Events or find Arts by Genre. Search for Theater, Broadway, Music, Opera, Dance, and Visual Arts Events and Tickets.

DrugDev123 is the first freely accessible forum for communication between the sponsors of clinical research, and the individuals and organizations that perform and facilitate clinical trials.

BrainPOP is an educational place for the kids with Health, Science, Technology Animation and Educational information. BrainPop is fun too!

The InFoPeople Project improves the quality of information access by upgrading skills, resources and tools available through libraries. The InfoPeople HowTo guides have lots of useful information. InfoPeople also have some great Training links,a handy collection of Search Tools and Library Links.

The Bloomsbury Research Centre is a free on-line database of reference books. Over 17,000 entries are cross-referenced providing a wealth of information all linked and all fully indexed. Use the search engine to search on a wide range of subjects including literature, art, myth, human thought, quotations and a thesaurus or browse through each book at your leisure.

Next time you need government information give HiCitizen a try - HiCitizen has links to the federal forms and information you need which will make Government Simple for You! HiCitizen also has state links too.

Skali has web pages that provide related links useful to businesses, service providers and the public in general. The Skali Search is a Resourceful site to search the WorldWide Web, regional directories and other specific databases such as trade leads. You can also setup your own personal MySkali webpage for keeping up with information that is important to you.

SmartCILP is "A personalized periodical awareness tool for legal researchers." This is a fee-based service that provides automated personalized e-mail delivery of CILP.

Well, I guess that's about enough Interesting Stuff for now... :)