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Interesting Research Stuff
By Curt Davis - August 17, 2001 (From the Interesting Stuff Newsletter)

I thought I would start this issue with Picsearch - a _Very_Cool_ new image search engine. Picsearch includes an advanced search interface, allows searching by image size and color or black and white. You can even limit your search to animated pics. Be sure to check this one out!

The Wake Forest University Reference Department has put together a very good collection of image and sound search tools. This collection is a good one well worth a bookmark!

Here is a great Online Medical Research site I stumbled across with links to lots of health-related research tools. A really useful website!!!

Have you ever wondered which search engine or search tool would be the best one for a particular task? The University at Albany Libraries "How to Choose a Search Engine or Directory" will help you choose the best search tool for your needs!

"Getting Online" is a Friendly Guide for Teachers, Students, Parents or anyone else that wants some help with the internet... This resource could be a big help the next time someone you know needs a little help getting started with the internet.

FBI Publications - A Parent's Guide to Internet Safety is a fantastic resource that should be required reading for parents before getting their kids online! This pamphlet helps you to begin to understand the complexities of online child exploitation.

Here is a great place for the kids (young and old). FirstGov for Kids is the U.S. government interagency Kids' Portal. This site was developed and is maintained by the Federal Consumer Information Center. It provides links to Federal kids' sites along with some of the best kids' sites from other organizations all grouped by subject.

Here is a handy resource that might come in handy sometime you need a transcript of a CNN program... You can select show transcripts by day or program category.

Next time you need to convert something, hop on over to Online Conversion where you can Convert just about anything to anything else!

I have mentioned Pandia before, but the Pandia Search Site continues to get better and better! Pandia is an all-in-one website devoted to Internet searching. Not only do you find state of the art search tools like the Pandia Metasearch Engine, Pandia Radio Search and the Pandia Plus Web Directory; there is also a wealth of information on search engines and directories and Web searching in general.

The US State and Local Gateway Reference website is a great collection of resources! There are links to federal and state resources organized in separate categories called Bookshelves. A great site!

Be sure to check out the entire State and Local Gateway site map for even more useful and interesting links.

Museumstuff is dedicated to creating a web based guide to museum related information. This information includes links to museum websites and virtual exhibits, educational and entertaining games and activities, and extensive learning resources concerning topics typically promoted through art, science and history museums. Museumstuff is another keeper!

Compare Stuff is a tool for comparing things using information on the web and your favorite search engine. You can Compare almost anything with this great new tool.

Robert Tiess' ResPool has recently undergone a facelift and worth another look. ResPool is a free reference and research network established for researchers, information specialists and others interested in discovering and/or sharing potentially useful and informative resources on the Internet. Take your Research Deeper with ResPool!

NewsDirectory is your guide to all online English-language media. This free directory of newspapers, magazines, television stations, colleges, visitor bureaus, governmental agencies and more can help you get to where you want to go, or find sites you didn't know about. NewsDirectory is a simple and fast site that can be used to access all the news and information that you can handle.

Willsindex is an International Registry for your Last Will and Testament, a place where you protect the ones you love, by ensuring your Last Will and Testament can be found when it's needed. You or your legal advisor can register your will and the details stay safe forever!

PeopleSearch is an All-in-one people finder where you can search for people by Name, Phone Number, Email or Location using multiple search engines simultaneously. Search and Reverse Search. Find People N times faster at PeopleSearch.

"Find a Car" is a cool website courtesy of the US Department of Energy and EPA. Find a Car has the 1985-2001 Buyer's Guide to Fuel Efficient Cars and Trucks. Estimates of gas mileage and greenhouse gas emissions for 1985-2001 model year cars and trucks and other cool stuff too!

The Library of Congress webpage is always a great place to find lots of interesting stuff... Now you can find fascinating facts about the Library of Congress.

The Federal Consumer Information Center Handbook is a great resource that lists National Consumer Organizations. These organizations define their missions as consumer assistance, protection and/or advocacy.

If you are interested in cutting edge information about internet searching (like I am), you really need to subscribe to SearchDay. SearchDay is a free newsletter from Search Engine Watch featuring web search news, reviews, tools, tips, and search engine headlines from across the web.

Web Links from the Institute of Criminal Justice Studies is one of the most comprehensive web links pages for Criminal Justice Information on the Internet. You could spend *lots* of time here browsing through all of the Interesting Stuff!

The World Resources Institute's EarthTrends is an Environmental Information Portal... EarthTrends probably has the most environmental information in one place that I have seen! This one is a keeper.

The US Census Bureau always has lots of interesting information. The Census Bureau's CenStats databases have even more interesting information on a wide range of categories.

The Ithaki Metasearch Engine searches simultaneously the most relevant engines by topic with Fast and accurate results. Ithaki Searches 400 tools. Worth a look!

Do you like Country Music? If you do, the Country Music Club has a Country Music Artists Directory, Mp3 Directory and online Country Music News Magazine with CD reviews of Major and Independent Artists. A comprehensive Country Music Site!

Chemfinder is a great index to chemical information on the Internet. Chemfinder is searchable by chemical name, CAS Number, molecular formula, or molecular weight - you can even use * for partial names...

Search Security is a Security Specific Search Engine, a Portal for IT professionals focused on Security. The site features include, fast and focused search capabilities, links to relevant content, editorial insight and summaries, daily industry news and weekly technology tips delivered via email.

Well, I guess that's about enough Interesting Stuff for now... :)