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Interesting Research Stuff
By Curt Davis - September 14, 2001 (From the Interesting Stuff Newsletter)

I thought I would start this time with a VERY COOL resource - Maps of the web is a fun way to find what you are looking for! is the first visual web search engine / directory - a map of the Internet providing intuitive, fun navigation and relevant search results. Be sure to take the 2 minute drill - you will be amazed with this great resource.

I have been waiting to mention this revolutionary website, but the launch date is later this month so I want to mention it now... America's Chronicles is a really great Historical Newspaper Project - More Than 300 Years of American Life will be Digitized As Original Page Images - More than 20,000 community newspapers, some long out of print, have recorded American life since the 17th century... America's Chronicles promises to be an extremely valuable resource!

ICYouSee is a self-guided World Wide Web tour and training page. ICYouSee has a lot of great information and answers questions like - What Can You Do on the World Wide Web? And What Can You Do That's Actually Useful? How Can You Find Anything? and Is the WEB a Good Research Tool?

News Research has World News, all the top stories from world online news services - Global news providing up to date stories on current events and the latest on business, entertainment, environment, sport, health, human rights, fashion, travel and women. Search top news, breaking news, television, headlines and radio sites. A great news site!

The PowerPoint FAQs webpage is a handy resource for everyone that uses (or would like to use) PowerPoint. Get your questions about PowerPoint answered here. You will also find additional PowerPoint help resources too.

Here is a great place for the kids... The WhiteHouseKids website Provides educational information geared for children about the President, the White House, and the President's pets and animals, Spotty, Barney, India and Ofelia.

The "Tool Kit for the Expert Web Searcher" is a great set of research tools that everyone will find valuable! If you are tired of endless lists of Web search tools that give you no guidance as to which ones to use you will be happy to bookmark this resource! has Online calculators for everything. Some solve problems, some satisfy curiosity. All of them are Interesting Stuff...

The Glossarist is a searchable directory of thousands of glossaries and topical dictionaries containing terms and definitions on hundreds of subjects. Alan Harrell recently posted this resource to Netsites, but this place is such a great resource I wanted to mention it here too!

BTW - you can find out more about Netsites here if you are interested here. Netsites posts more interesting sites every day than any other place!

The University of Michigan Documents Center is a *fantastic* statistical reference and referral point for government information, whether local, state, federal, foreign or international! Its web pages are a reference and instructional tool for government, political science, statistical data, and news.

I always enjoy great weather sites and Weatherbase is just that! Weatherbase offers records and averages, climatology and historical weather for 16,434 cities worldwide, searchable by city, state, country or ZIP code.

Family Choice is a website that is suitable for the entire family - Family's Choice primary goal is to provide safe Internet access for families by proactively filtering out sites inappropriate for families.

Boxmind is an online education consultancy that assists academic institutions and corporations to exploit the full potential of the electronic delivery of educational material. You can use Boxmind's online library without registering, but Registration is free and provides added features.

Be sure to view the tutorial to get the most out of Boxmind!

Tax Interactive (TaxI) is a fun, informative website courtesy of the kinder, gentler IRS. The goal of TAXinteractive is to educate teenagers about the U.S. tax system, the effect of taxes on their day- to-day lives, and new electronic ways to file tax returns. After browsing through some of the material, I think everyone will find some "Interesting Stuff" at TaxI.

Visoo is a very cool image search engine. A family filter is available and you can search for people and banners and limit your search to color or black and white. You can even specify a file format. Definitely worth checking out!

TRAVELfusion is a Route planner for comparison travel by car, ferry, train, coach and air, including low-cost and cheap airline tickets and reservations.

A related travel resource, TRAVELmeet, is a travel bulletin board for sharing your worldwide experiences on cheap travel and trip planning, for lift sharing, finding a travel companion and for recommending your favorite journey.

Autopedia is an AUTOmotive encycloPEDIA, a complete Internet source for automotive-related information, where consumers can find information related to Autos, Boats, Trucks, Minivans, Motorcycles, RVs and Sport Utilities.

Picosearch is a free search resource for folks with a webpage. Picosearch provides a Free site search engine to search your web site - No ads, no software and it's easy to install.

I mentioned Jeff Harrow's Rapidly Changing Face of Computers before... Jeff Harrow has now struck out on his own as a technology consultant, and The Harrow Group Web site will develop into the place where Jeff shares continuing insights into the worlds of computing and technology.

SafeKids has been around for a while, but this place is worth a visit if you haven't seen it! SafeKids has some great tips, advice and suggestions to make your family's online experience fun and productive!

Next time you need some clipart give "All Free Original Clipart" a try. This place has over 30,000 Free Clipart Images, such as animated gifs, icons, backgrounds, bullets, clip art, and pictures; all free for you to download.

Timelines of History presents World History in timeline form from the Big Bang. If you are interested in world history, you will find Timelines in History interesting!

DisneySeek is the largest Disney only search engine on the web. There are 935 sites for you to choose from. So if you (or your kids) are interested in Disney - DisneySeek will be Interesting for you!

Ad Age Dataplace provides exclusive industry data as only Ad Age can. Ad Age has lots of interesting information about brands and other advertising data for various industries worldwide.

Plan Finder is the Internet's largest woodworking plan search engine - 4400 plans and counting! Plan Finder includes plans from over 30 web sites. If you are interested in woodworking, Plan Finder is for you!

Well, I guess that's about enough Interesting Stuff for now... :)