One of the largest constraints for most organic search and digital marketing campaigns is a lack of resources needed to advance search rankings and visibility. Whether it is a limited amount of time, money, man power, or all of the above; businesses always lose when they are unable to create fresh, unique content on a regular basis.

For businesses and brands that are serious about developing comprehensive search campaigns and are unable to actively create new forms of content due to limited resources, guest blogging is the solution.

jc1a.jpgBrands that allow relevant authoritative personas to create unique content for their branded site stand to gain a plethora of organic search benefits. The positive results of accepting guest posts from the right people can range from tremendous levels of increased qualified traffic to acquiring significant volumes of credible links for search visibility.

Other reasons for allowing guest authorities to create and author content on a businesses' branded site include:

Publishing Guest Posts Will Save Your Time

Regardless of the size of a particular company or business, everyone is busy. Between checking and responding to client e-mails, accounting for all overhead costs and managing monthly/yearly goals; having the time to sit down and write lengthy, unique articles is nearly impossible.

Allowing credible writers that are interested in and knowledgeable of a company's services, target demographics, and industry frees up an enormous amount of time for the business owner or marketing executive to focus on other aspects of their marketing strategy.

jc2a.jpgGetting Free Content from Other People Saves You Money

Businesses can research and hire professional content development agencies to create articles on a daily basis, but such services can be extremely expensive over time.

Rather than hire an agency or pay freelance writers to create articles, set up a call to action on the branded site that encourages online users to request guest blog opportunities with the company. Setting up a simple editing system that reviews all user submissions allows the company to monitor and publish credible content that is intelligent and specific to the company and its industry.
Accepting Guest Posts Will Expand Your Reach through Word of Mouth

Brands that align with guest bloggers who command significant social media followers on profiles such as Twitter and Google+ can significantly expand their online reach as all of the author's fans and followers will be exposed to your site and articles on a regular basis.

This means that businesses that allow guest bloggers with 10,000 Twitter followers to publish an article on their site also expose themselves to 10,000 new faces and potentially new customers. When these social followers find content produced by their favorite guest blogger, they can share the same content with their social audience, and rapidly increase word-of-mouth advertising. At the same time, they are pulling thousands of new online users to the brand site.

jc4a.jpgFeaturing Influential Content Will Increase Your Brand's Credibility

Partnering with significant, recognized guest post authors can increase consumer confidence and credibility of a brand, as online consumers' associate value between the author and the business they are speaking on behalf of or promoting.

From an organic search perspective, brands that allow popular, credible authors to post content on their site can experience significant growth in acquiring links. When fans and followers of the guest author enjoy a particular article, they can link to it, which acts as a catalyst for improving search visibility as search engines recognize links as a form of validation.

Increase Search Visibility by Creating More Pages On Your Site

Actively publishing new forms of content plays a pivotal role in developing any brand's organic search and digital marketing campaigns. The keyphrases and links that are naturally woven throughout an article are able to be indexed by search engines, allowing brands to be recognized over time as authorities for relevant key terms.

Such visibility allows brands the ability to capture larger volumes of traffic on a monthly basis, while also increasing their conversion opportunities.

Saving Time and Money, While Growing - Who Could Ask For More?

Allowing credible writers to develop guest post articles on the company site is an excellent, effective solution for business owners and marketing executives who struggle with limited time and money.

Brands that allow others to create and publish content on their site experience significant search and digital marketing benefits that ultimately increase search visibility and conversion opportunities. Not only that, but publishing guest posts on their site frees up time and money that can be dedicated to other critical aspects for growing the business.

May 14, 2013

Jason Corrigan is the Manager of Search Marketing at The American Cancer Society; whose portfolio of experience includes developing complex search and social strategies for world-renowned brands that include: Duracell, Febreze, Swiffer, Oral-B, The Source, and more. Corrigan is a published author on the concept of "Social SEO" and a frequent contributor to some of the industry's most recognized search marketing journals. He owns the trademark to "SEO Without Borders," which aspires to become a non-profit organization that connects victims in third-world countries with qualified donors across the world through Organic Search.


Allowing guest blogging in your site has its pros and cons. On the other hand, guest blogging should be done sparingly - meaning not to depend on them 100% - or you'll leave a doubt to your readers; "can't this company write its own content?"

While seeing the reply from guest blogs, I got many potential users from my online product buyers...really it's work :)

Web Design in Chennai

Thanks for both of the great comments!

I agree that like anything else, a brand's content development strategy should be built on quality of content rather than quantity. However, there are certainly a number of very successful sites that are completely based on forms of user-generated content such as guest posts, including many top SEO sites such as this one.

"Rather than hire an agency or pay freelance writers to create articles, set up a call to action on the branded site that encourages online users to request guest blog opportunities with the company."

You'll probably have to dig through quite a bit of junk to find the gems but as long as you have a good editor it's a pretty sound idea. The more powerful your online brand is the more guest writers you'll attract, but hopefully they will be higher quality writers and you can develop more lasting partnerships with them.

Great point Nick! If you are going to try and take on an open end approach to allowing anyone to submit themselves as a potential author, you will need to take some time to vet the quality of the writers and their content.

As you said, most brands and businesses should have enough of a pool to look through in order to find quality writers who can produce excellent content.

You got great points with this post. Accepting guest post in your site will really help your site's visibility online. It is a give and take process to both the author and the site's owner. You just have to be careful and be keen with the contents that you will accept to avoid multiplication of posts and establish credibility.

Thank you for your comment and as you said, developing a content strategy around guest posts is a give and take process that needs to be supported by careful editing and communication between the webmaster and the author.

Very nice! The content is so helpful. This is very informative. I learned so much from your post, please keep us posted for more. Thank you so much for sharing this one. Keep up the good work!

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