These eight case studies with stats to back them up help reaffirm confidence that local search is a viable option for many types of businesses. Learn how a Horse Stable, Jeweler, Nursery School, Local Bank, Car Wash, Orthodontics, Tanning Salon, and Insurance Company have all used local search to drive leads and grow their business.

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  1. Local SEO for Consumer Insurance Products: This case study profiles how Local SEO outperformed radio advertising over a 3 month span.

  2. SEO for a Horse Stable: Local SEO was able to increase website traffic by 75%.

  3. Local Search for Fitness & Tanning Club: SEO techniques at a local level delivered 261 new subscribers (and counting) to their newsletter.

  4. Local SEO for a Orthodontics: Likely PPC based, $1,000 turned into 69 phone calls and 353 visits, includes a video testimonial.

  5. Local Search Marketing for a Nursery School: Local SEO tactics helped deliver new leads, in total during 4 months over 300 new visitors found the nursery school without using its name in the search term.

  6. Local Bank Branches Use SEO: Experienced a 34% annual increase in website traffic, obtained a first page ranking for over 80s words.

  7. Local Search for a Car Wash: Local SEO increased website traffic 150% over three months. Search engine traffic increased 300%.

  8. SEO for a Local Jeweler: Within 10 months website traffic rose from 872 visitors per month (on average) to 2,500 visitors.

  9. December 8, 2009

Jeff is the founder of Catch Search Marketing. Catch offers local businesses free guides to help improve their online marketing knowledge, including a local search marketing training course. Jeff has delivered SEO results for major consumer oriented websites all the way down to local businesses, he has spoken about SEO at Higher Ed Heroes.

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This is very interesting stuff! I have been trying for a while to determine what is quality SEO and what facts are truly relevant. Bravo to this site and for the case studies. Thank you.

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