Dear Santa, I've worked hard this year, I served my clients with dedication, and provided value to every organization I've touched. However, I still need better tools to help justify SEO practices. Please have your best elf programmer develop this hack so the value behind SEO becomes more transparent in 2010.

All this year I've been striving for better rankings, as my rankings climb I see more visitors, and it's rewarding. But, I want to know my keyword performance for each organic position. For example, when xxx keyword was at position xxx how many times did someone land on my website.

I've seen others try to develop a hack that helps with this, but it doesn't do the job well.

Build me a tool that helps fill this chart.

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December 19, 2009

Jeff is the founder of Catch Search Marketing. Catch offers local businesses free guides to help improve their online marketing knowledge, including a local search marketing training course. Jeff has delivered SEO results for major consumer oriented websites all the way down to local businesses, he has spoken about SEO at Higher Ed Heroes.

Away from the laptop Jeff enjoys anything mountain oriented, and a constant itch for music. .


Hahaha LOVE the post! If only Santa's elves really could come up with this. In all seriousness though, a tool like this would be amazing and frankly, if someone could develop one they would probably be able to fetch a very pretty penny for it! If only I knew a thing or two about programming...

Joe from

How To Jump Higher

I hope Santa's elves could really come up what you wish for. :) I love reading this post! :D

hope Santa was good to you! :)) you are definitely right that it takes an arm and a leg to get great analytics tool and it's absolutely the key to measure both search engine optimization and search engine marketing results in order to create successful and targeted campaigns.

If santa would develop this hack then he would be a rich man. (I guess he is already rich). It was a nice and different post to read.

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