If you're trying to kick off your 2009 marketing plans with some new ideas, you may want to check out a new (free) ebook put together by Valeria Maltoni over at Conversation Agent. The book is a compilation of the thoughts of twelve online marketers from a variety of backgrounds and skips the usual start of the year prediction model in favor of sharing thoughts on tactics and strategy.

All of the marketers involved are on Twitter and have their own blogs, so take a gander at their thoughts and then follow them online to gather more. I've listed some of the authors below along with my favorite quote of theirs from the ebook to give you a quick sampling.

  • "Get your ideas done. Choose fewer of them and really go at it. Set standards and find a pace for yourself - then hold yourself to them." - Valeria Maltoni, Conversation Agent, @Conversationage

  • "Every marketing program should begin with measurement in mind. If you think something cannot be measured, you're not trying hard enough." - Matt Dickman, Techno||Marketer, @MattDickman

  • "The companies that "get it" are creating communities around their products. Nurturing and responding to conversation around their products and building awareness in the process." - Mike Fruchter, My Thoughts on Social Media, @Fruchter

  • "This freedom to associate, speak and share is what is fundamentally transforming the game of business - not just the rules; but also the players, the scope of the game, the tactics and the added values. " - Francois Gossieaux, Emergence Marketing, @fgossieaux

  • "Social media does not replace marketing - it enhances marketing efforts as an additional indirect communication channel" - Beth Harte, The Harte of Marketing, @BethHarte

  • "If a company does nothing else in 2009, it should put a social media monitoring system in place to tune into what's being talked about online about their company, products, people, competitors and category. " - Lois Kelly, Beeline Labs, @LoisKelly

  • "Change is more friend than foe. If it weren't for change we woudln't be afforded new opportunities and trends to capitalize upon."- Christina Kerley, CK Epiphany, @ckepiphany

  • "Social media makes every interaction more real and more valuable. It gives us the chance to become someone [people] trust their business to rather than someone they simply make a purchase from. " - Jennifer Laycock, Search Engine Guide, @JenniferLaycock

  • "Every company starting social media ought to ask themselves right out of the gate "What are we afraid of?"" - Amber Naslund, Altitude Branding, @AmberCadabra

  • "A proper social media education is more than just learning new tools. The most important lesson we can impart is the necessity to think 'humans'"- Connie Reece, Every Dot Connects, @ConnieReece

  • "Get a worthy conversation going inside your organization to match your social media aspirations for your organiation." - Mike Wagner, Own Your Brand!, @bigwags

  • "The mantle of thought leadership in social media will pass from those with technology backgrounds to those with marketing and/or planning backgrounds as programs become less theoretical and more concrete. " - Alan Wolk, The Toad Stool, @awolk

January 21, 2009

Jennifer Laycock is the Editor of Search Engine Guide, the Social Media Faculty Chair for MarketMotive and offers small business social media strategy & consulting. Jennifer enjoys the challenge of finding unique and creative ways to connect with consumers without spending a fortune in marketing dollars. Though she now prefers to work with small businesses, Jennifer’s clients have included companies like Verizon, American Greetings and Highlights for Children.


Thank you so much for making the time to participate, Jennifer. I really like the quotes you selected and enjoyed learning more about the collective insights.

Thanks for the heads up on this book. I'm always looking for fresh new ideas, and a compilation of marketing minds sounds great for the new year.

This looks great.

I would challenge the:

"If a company does nothing else in 2009, it should put a social media monitoring system in place to tune into what's being talked about online about their company, products, people, competitors and category. "

Social media is about conversations and the value is in participation, moreover 93% of consumers expect brand to engage.

Too often people outsource or monitor "IT" Come on

People don't learn to fly by watching birds :-)

If a company does nothing else in 2009, it should find the people in their organization that are the most "socially enabled" ( already do this on the personal side, gifted for networking...) , the change agents and engage with ONE of their target community.

Let's call it testing the water.

Thanks for the link to the free e-book. With so much information available on the net, it's great to have someone sift through te clutter and give us something worthy to read. Thanks!

Thank you, the e-book was very helpful!

Thanks! This e-book was very ineterested! wtrade

The main core of online marketing is to get quality traffic and convert them into sales and customers, The method might be slightly different, but the point is just the same

Did not see how to get the ebook. Can you help?

Thanks for the ebook link. I like ebooks which are useful and free at the same time. Hope to read it and gain something out of it.


Arranging marketing plans needs creativity. Therefore reading lot of books really helps. Thank you for giving me more source of information.

Raymond WIlliams

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