Microsoft's adCenter announced several new features over the weekend giving advertisers more control over their campaigns. Changes were made on the editorial side, to the campaign management interface and to reporting options. All of the changes are designed to give advertisers even more control over where and how they spend their ad dollars.

The biggest changes are on the editorial front. Microsoft has added instant editorial feedback on new ads. The new system will cover minor functions like making sure all fields are filled out and will also run scans to make sure entered information falls within the defined guidelines. With the new changes, you'll also be able to see the status of ads "at a glance" to quickly spot and correct errors. (Duplicate ads, text title exceeding the character limit, etc...)

Changes to the campaign management system include the addition of a daily budget option and the ability to import a campaign from the Google AdWords editor. On the reporting side, advertisers can now access reports more easily, drag and drop the order of report information and get totals and averages of campaign figures.

October 30, 2007

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