It's a good week to be Natalie Portman, or Hayden Christensen for that matter. According to recently released information by America Online, the real life portrayers of Padmé Amidala and Darth Vadar are the most searched for stars from the third installment of the popular movie series. The duo were edged out of the number one spot by the movie title itself; Star Wars/Revenge of the Sith.

It's no surprise that Internet users flocked to the search engines this week to look up information on the movie. Users weren't simply searches for movie times or ticket sales though, they wanted in-depth information about the stars, the characters and absolutely anything Star Wars related. Terms like Star Wars pictures, quizzes and games also made the top ten. AOL claims that over 8,000 Star Wars related terms were logged at their search site this week.

The complete list of the ten most searched for phrases is:

1) Star Wars/Revenge of the Sith
2) Natalie Portman
3) Hayden Christensen
4) Darth Vader
5) Yoda
6) Ewan McGregor
7) Star Wars Pictures
8) Star Wars Games
9) Star Wars Trailer
10) Star Wars Quizzes

AOL isn't the only site logging an increased interest in Star Wars related phrases. The Lycos Top 50 has the third Star Wars movie ranked as the third most popular search across its network of sites, up from the fourth position last week.

Lycos shares a bit of search related Star Wars trivia as well, explaining that the generic phrase Star Wars Episode 3 receives six times the searches that the actual movie title Revenge of the Sith does. Overall, the Lycos top ten Star Wars searches list varies quite a bit from AOL's, with Natalie Portman's wardrobe receiving more searches than she does.

1. Star Wars
2. Star Wars Episode 3
3. Star Wars Episode 2
4. Revenge Of The Sith
5. LightSaber
6. Padmes Wardrobe
7. Star Wars Galaxies
8. Star Wars Costumes
9. Star Wars Games
10. StarWars.Com

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May 23, 2005

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