Had an email this morning from Oliver Blake over at The Creare Group pointing me to a video on YouTube that stars Creare Group web designer Michael Angrave. Now normally, I wouldn't bother to click a link to a random video, but since Oliver claimed this video featured "The SEO Song," I thought I'd give it a try.

While the song doesn't exactly fit with my own personal tastes in music, (to do that it would need way more twang or a driving guitar beat) there's no denying the production quality of the video or the effort that clearly went into the song. Check it out, it's a nice way to kill a few minutes on your Friday afternooon.

Of course any post about SEO related songs and music would be remiss without a mention of Chuck, "The SEO Rapper" over at PopLabs. He's got quite a few SEO related rap videos up on YouTube, all of which are quite impressive lyrically.

Of course if you're a fan of Angrave's SEO Song, The Creare Group has been kind enough to make it available for download as an Mp3 or an Mp4 and take it with you.

September 25, 2009

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Amazing video of seo. It is so nice to see a big web company doing something fun. Well done!!!!

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