WorldNetDaily is reporting this week that Google has removed an ad from a Christian group that was running in the AdWords rotation on the grounds that “Google AdWords policy never permits ads or keywords promoting hate, violence, or crimes toward any organization, person or group protected by law."

The ad linked to a series of articles on homosexuality that had been published by nonprofit apologetics organization Stand to Reason. Three other ads relating to abortion, evolution and apologetics have been allowed to continue running. Google sent emails to the company explaining that the content on their site violates the AdWords policy against hate speech. A representative from Stand to Reason explained that while the articles do speak out against homosexuality, the site's content explicitly states that homosexuals should be treated "respectfully and kindly."

Stand to Reason representatives claim that it is actually Google that is being intolerant by allowing ads to run that favor issues like same-sex marriage, but by banning ads that oppose the issue. "If you deem the issue itself off limits, then consistency would require you to suspend all searches of the issue," stated Melinda Penner, director of operations for Stand to Reason.

Google has refused to comment publicly on the issue, but has stated that while they retain the right to refuse advertising from certain sites, they do not censor organic search results.

The full story is available at WorldNetDaily: Google bans Christian ad
August 17, 2004

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