An agreement was reached yesterday between MSN and Swedish company Picsearch that would allow MSN to integrate Picsearch technology into the image search portion of the new MSN search engine. Picsearch's database, which features hundreds of millions of images, will form an integral part of the new MSN search service.

Justin Osmer, product manager at MSN spoke about the new partnership in a company press release. "The new MSN Search service offers a large index to help consumers quickly and easily find the information that is of interest to them. MSN is proud to team up with Picsearch to offer a vast index of high-quality images that are relevant to our consumers’ queries.

Picsearch, in business since 2000, also provides image search technology to MSN competitor Ask Jeeves. The Picsearch product is used to power visual search for a number of the Web's top sites by syndicating its technology to search engines and portal sites.

“I am very excited that Picsearch’s technology will be used to find images on the Web for this worldwide service. MSN shares our desire to be at the forefront of the net search market. Picsearch will continue providing the highest quality image search service in the world. New features are always being developed” said Nils Andersson, CEO of Picsearch.

An interesting point to note about Picsearch that helps it differ from the image search engine used by Google is that Picsearch is inherently family friendly. Its built in filtering systems are designed to screen out all offensive material so that its search results are child-friendly.

The move marks yet another step toward full competition with Google and Yahoo's expansive slew of search tools. Picsearch is a recognized and respected image search tool within the industry and MSN's new partnership should serve them well by allowing them to provide a quality image search without having to expend the time and resources to develop one in house.

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February 23, 2005

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