Barry over at Search Engine Land reports Flickr has launched stats for Flickr Pro account holders. As a Flickr lover, I was pretty pumped to read this news. One of the most frustrating things about using Flickr for someone who lives and breathes marketing was the lack of access to traffic stats. I must not have been the only person who felt this way because Flickr has finally delivered a fairly nice statistics report to their users.

Flickr has this to say about their new stats...

Second, your stats on Flickr are designed to give you insight into the ways that people are finding your photos. There are stats available for people surfing on Flickr itself - where the referrer is - and stats about people coming from other websites. We can show you the sorts of things people search for on search engines where your photos turn up, and tell you how many views your photos have in a week, or for all time.

The stats are pretty impressive, letting you see traffic patterns to your account, sets and even individual photos. You can also track activity around your photos, organizing them based on how many people have favorited them or commented on them. There's referrer data as well. Barry has a fantastic overview of what stats are available at Search Engine Land, though if you're a Flickr Pro user, you'll probably want to get in and play around with the stats a bit yourself.

I spent a few minutes playing around in my own Flickr stats while writing this and the results were surprising. Some of the images I thought would be most popular were fairly far down the list. In fact, my "most viewed" images sometimes had me scratching my head wondering how that happened. I was also surprised at how much traffic my images received from Yahoo's Image search, though I've known Flickr was a great way to tap the long tail of image search terms at Yahoo.

If you are a Flickr user, this is a great reason to shell out the $25 and upgrade to a Pro account. If you're not a Flickr user, I'd suggest reading over Barry's article and then spending a little time looking around Flickr. If you sell or market anything visual, Flickr is a tool you need to start looking at.

December 13, 2007

Jennifer Laycock is the Editor of Search Engine Guide, the Social Media Faculty Chair for MarketMotive and offers small business social media strategy & consulting. Jennifer enjoys the challenge of finding unique and creative ways to connect with consumers without spending a fortune in marketing dollars. Though she now prefers to work with small businesses, Jennifer’s clients have included companies like Verizon, American Greetings and Highlights for Children.

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