Dutch metasearch engine Ixquick introduced a range of new features this week designed to generate more comprehensive and accurate search results. Ixquick, which was launched in New York in 1998 is currently owned by Surfboard Holding BV.

Ixquick utilizes a technology dubbed the "Star System" that lets users know how often a particular search result appears in the top ten rankings of various search engines. A five-star rated result would indicate that the listing appears in the top ten of five of the search engines included in Ixquick's metasearch results, while a two-star result would mean that the listing appears in the top ten of only two search engines. The system is designed to help provide a more comprehensive overview of how a site ranks on the Web.

"Ixquick's exclusive Star System delivers more comprehensive and relevant results through the 'consensus' reached by the search engines it searches," said Alex van Eesteren, vice president of marketing and sales, Ixquick. "We believe that Ixquick's metasearch technology is not only unique as compared to other search engines in the marketplace, but one that enables users to find the best results across the Web and the world."

Ixquick claims that the latest update has produced an re-engineered algorithm that provides even stronger results than previous versions. The metasearch engine has also released an updated user interface and a variety of new features:

An International Phone Directory

Unlike most online yellow pages, the Ixquick directory works as a global phone number lookup for both individuals and businesses. The directory also includes a reverse look-up feature that allows searchers to type in an international number and find out which individual or business that listing belongs to.

Universal Syntax

Ixquick is setup to allow users to search using any of the common power search methods. Techniques like wildcards, field searches, Boolean logic and phrases are all understood by the Ixquick engine. Ixquick then translates the various search methods into queries that are understood by each of the engines it queries and returns the appropriate results.

Multiple Language Queries

Ixquick allows for searches in seventeen different languages including Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

Results Honing

Ixquick's search results include a check mark box and an "X" box next to each search listing. Users can select a check mark if the result is similar to what they are looking for an an "X" if they don't feel the result is appropriate. Ixquick uses these choices to further narrow the search results.

"Now, more than ever, Ixquick is delivering on its mission of developing the best Web search resource for users globally. Today's launch is strong evidence of our efforts and we look forward to hearing from our users and continuing to enhance the Ixquick metasearch engine in 2005 and beyond," said van Eesteren in a press release issued earlier this week.

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March 30, 2005

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