I scan hundreds of feeds and read dozens of articles each day so you don't have to. From Rachel's first true "Twitter rocks!" moment to the death of the blogroll to great tips on local blogging and paid search, find out which articles I dubbed as must-read for the small business crowd today.

  • Yesterday afternoon while I was working on an article, Rachel Phillips looked over at me and said "I just had a 'you' moment on Twitter!" I must have given her a blank look because she quickly linked me to a post by Justin Goldsborough, a Sprint employee. Apparently she had Tweeted a complaint about her new Sprint Instinct phone earlier that day and Justin had spotted it. He then checked several Sprint resources and found a solution for her. The problem was solved in eighteen minutes.

  • If you run a local business or a local blog and you aren't already reading Matt McGee's excellent "HyperlocalBlogger," you should be. He'shad some great posts recently, including one about Blogger's new geotragging feature and another one about keeping an eye on breaking local news to gain traffic and local credibility.

  • Marketers and public relations types from larger companies may be interested in a post by Jason Baer over at Marketing Profs Daily Fix today. Jason asks whether advertising, digital, public relations or the client themselves should take ownership for social media and offers some thoughts on why each department might have a claim. It's good food for thought for anyone fighting this own battle in house.

  • Andrew Goodman asks if it's time to offer a nice little eulogy to the concept of blogrolls. According to Andrew, blogrolls began dying a slow death the moment they were born. I'm not entirely sure I agree with him, but he makes a few compelling points.

  • Over at Search Engine Watch, David Szetela takes a look at the paid search ads and landing pages for a specific keyword phrase and breaks down their click thru and conversion potential. It's good hands on piece offering up some solid advice to help you strengthen your PPC campaigns.

January 9, 2009

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