Following the heels of Google's announcement that they will be indexing video feeds from several popular TV channels, AOL's Singingfish announced yesterday that they have partnered with popular news source Reuters. The partnership will allow Singingfish to index video content from Reuters' extensive database of new clips.

Reuters hopes that the move will drive additional traffic to its Web site, which features over 250 new video clips each day. The clips are supplied by Reuters world wide network of news bureaus and cover topics like world news, fashion, entertainment and business. The clips often include interviews, narrated reports and even pure, unedited sound footage.

The question here is if they build it, will people come? A joint press release issued by Reuters and Singingfish, mentioned a survey by the Online Publishers Association (OPA) that pointed to the increasing popularity of online video. However, it also pointed out that many Internet users have no idea where to go in order to find video clips. The mainstream press picking up news about Google's new video search will help to spread the word about the availability of these features, but adoption rates for this technology may be slow.

It's easy enough for AOL portal site users to access the new content as Singingfish has been integrated into AOL's search site and supplies the audio and video search results. However, despite being one of the best multimedia search sites around, Singingfish still isn't at the forefront of most searchers mind when they are looking for files. I'm guilty of this myself. I've used Singingfish multiple times and almost always find what I'm looking for, but I rarely think to head there until I've had a hard time finding it on Google or Yahoo.

That said, Singingfish is experiencing some strong growth in the search realm. The site currently handles well over 200 million multimedia searches each month across its network of sites. Those numbers aren't stagnant either, reflecting 100 percent growth over the past year.

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May 13, 2005

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