Writting by the L.A. Time's Geoff Boucher, the article covers his frustration at looking himself up on Google and finding out that he's not the only Geoff Boucher around. It's an interesting read for anyone who has taken the time to look themselves up on Google. (And come on, you know that you have...)

The article reminded me of one of side benefits of getting married. Growing up as "Jennifer Evans" I had a name that was common enough that there were FOUR other Jennifer Evans' at Ohio State while I was enrolled. Pre-Google, that simply meant that I received the occasional collection call for one of those "other" Jennifer Evans' that didn't pay her bills on time.

When I got married several years back, I relished the idea of becoming "Jennifer Laycock." After all, how many Jennifer Laycock's could there be? According to Google, there are at least three. Two of them are from overseas. One lives in the UK and plays cricket...the other studies the anthropology and the molecular makeup of pigs in New Zealand...so not a lot of chance of getting us mixed up. The third is apparently a teacher in Kansas. I suppose I can deal with that.
September 2, 2004

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