Anyone with an ounce of knowledge about online marketing knows traffic is worthless if you can't deliver compelling copy. Good copy earns search rankings. Good copy earns links. Good copy convinces visitors to stop shopping and start buying. Unfortunately, good copy isn't easy to write. That's why the Eisenberg brothers have put together a fantastic list of more than one hundred copywriting articles divided by topic and spread out over two lengthy posts.

The first post covers topics like writing headlines, customer-focused copy, building trust, blogging, finding copywriters and more. The second post dives into word choice, formatting, personas, branding and quite a few other topics.

It's not the type of resource you can read through in an afternoon, but it's certainly one worth bookmarking and working through as you have some free time.

(Hat tip to John Jantsch)

November 20, 2007

Jennifer Laycock is the Editor of Search Engine Guide, the Social Media Faculty Chair for MarketMotive and offers small business social media strategy & consulting. Jennifer enjoys the challenge of finding unique and creative ways to connect with consumers without spending a fortune in marketing dollars. Though she now prefers to work with small businesses, Jennifer’s clients have included companies like Verizon, American Greetings and Highlights for Children.


Thanks a lot--I've been paging through the various resources in these links and they've all been really interesting. From a newbie in seo, thanks for your down-to-earth and truly useful posts, Jennifer.


This is outstanding information.

I do agree with yout that excellent copy and informative copy is the most important thing in maintaining your audience.

There are too many sites that deliver poor quality content.

Thanks again for these amazing tips.


This is a nice cheat sheet. If you want a complete seo cheat sheet, check out EXPERT Webmasters at It is easy to read and follow and contains hundreds of the most effective seo techniques, tips, tools and links on search engine optimization.

I checked into this cheat sheet at Expert Webmasters and it seems very informative. This seems much more detailed than the SEOMoz cheat sheet.

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