Two weeks ago, I came home from Small Business Marketing Unleashed to find a note on my laptop. It said "Hey Jen! We need more content! The masses are circling and you're not giving them enough to read!!" Now as someone who used to regularly churn out 6000 words of content a day, I found I could do nothing more than hang my head in shame. After all, what good is Search Engine Guide if we aren't feeding our readers a steady diet of small business marketing articles to keep them happy?

Of course I'm only one woman. Granted, I type 120 words per minute and I spin out marketing ideas like Simon Cowell spins out insults, but nonetheless, I'm still only human. So, I fired a note right back at Robert that said "Well fine! Then drag yourself out of that recliner and put down your bon bons long enough to hire me an Associate Editor!"

Soon enough, a note shot back. "Fine by me, but who are you going to sucker into this job?"

The Requirements

Well, that was a tough one. I mean the criteria were pretty high.

1.) They should be cute. (but not cuter than me, and certainly not cuter than Puppy.)
2.) They need to be able to write. (preferably about things I don't like to write about so I can push the dirty work on someone else.)
3.) They have to be able to hold their own as part of our team. (Which means having a snappy come-back at all points in time while retaining an incredibly charming demeanor.)
4.) They have to love small business as much as I do. (In fact, they should probably run one.)

Now number one was going to be tough to fill, so I made a note that we could compromise here if we had to. Number two was non-negotiable, especially on the "things I don't like to write about" front. What good would it do the world to have a carbon copy of me, we want tons of content coming in on completely different topics, right? Number three was going to be tough. Search Engine Guide runs on a spicy mix of rock-hard friendship and lightening fast zingers.

Of course number four wasn't in any way, shape or form negotiable.

That's when Robert pointed out the need for:

5.) They have to be willing to work with YOU, Jen.

Doh. Suddenly my hopes of a brand spanking new content sidekick were dashed.

But All Was Not Lost

That's when I heard the voice of Yoda, calling out from beyond... saying "wait, there is another."

(Ok, ok, so actually, my brain said "you dolt, there's only ONE man for the job and you know exactly who it is.)

Honesty folks, the choice was obvious. The only thing not obvious was why I didn't think of it sooner. So without further ado, let me introduce to you the one man in this industry that fit every last qualification we could outline. The only man in this industry I'd trust with a label like this one. (And don't any of you tell him that because it will go straight to his head.)

Stoney deGeyter.

No one else we could think of could possibly fill the void on our site the way Stoney can. So, as much as the other editors of the world may cry to know that Stoney's content will now be appearing exclusively on this site as he helps me crank up the content, our small business readers can delight in knowing they no longer have to chase Stoney around the web. If you love him as much as we do, you'll find him right here, on a regular basis, sharing his infinite knowledge of organic search, usability, and obscure movie quotes.

No worries to those of you who were just picking up the phone to call him, he'll still be at the helm of his firm, Pole Position Marketing as well. He'll simply be moonlighting as part of our fun-loving staff.

Welcome aboard Stoney!

No, Stoney, your title can NOT be "Pimp McFly." Robert already laid claim to that one.

May 5, 2008

Jennifer Laycock is the Editor of Search Engine Guide, the Social Media Faculty Chair for MarketMotive and offers small business social media strategy & consulting. Jennifer enjoys the challenge of finding unique and creative ways to connect with consumers without spending a fortune in marketing dollars. Though she now prefers to work with small businesses, Jennifer’s clients have included companies like Verizon, American Greetings and Highlights for Children.


"No, Stoney, your title can NOT be "Pimp McFly." Robert already laid claim to that one."

Well, I already bought the domain name. He can wrastle me fer it!

Hmm... doesn't seem to resolve to anything. Surely you aren't suggesting that we use a .org or the like?

Congratulations, Stoney! The job couldn't go to a more deserving guy (and I mean that in a nice way, really). :) Looks like Step 2 of the assimilation process is now underway...

Chad, I'm working on that!

Thanks Diane! and I mean THAT in a nice way.

I could not think of a better person for the job! Congratulations all around.

Congrats Stoney... so you are buing the drinks at the next conference with all the payola... err... dinero you will be making from this gig

What? I'm supposed to be getting paid? That's what happens when I let Jennifer negotiate my contract.

:-P I'm more than happy to have Robert add your new paycheck to mine... ;)

Jennifer, re: your suggestion anything going to Stoney's head - I've been wiping the walls from the explosion.

Where's my hazardous duty pay?

Hehehehe. Funny post -- wouldn't expect anything less. Congrats Stoney! And congrats Jenn/Robert, et al...

I have always admired Stoney's ability to crank out valuable content. Congratulations, Stoney on getting some more recognition for all the hard work you put into your writing and congratulations to SEG on a valuable add to the team!

Hmmm. Was thinking about posting something really nice to welcome Stoney to the team but seeing how his head has already exploded all over Diana, I thought I'd better refrain. ;) we have someone else to harass. Excellent! :)

Great Choice and one of my favs to read..I cant believe anyone would say you guys need more content..I'm 4 issues in reading behind now..At some point you got to do what we read..

That's great news gang! This was already one of my top 5 SEO RSS feeds, so I couldn't imagine it getting much better. And then you go and rope Stoney into the fold. I can't wait to see what he brings to the table. He's quite the wit.

Congrats Stoney!
This blog has been rapidly climbing the ranks in my RSS reader and I imagine that it will be climbing much higher very quickly!

I say congratulations to Jennifer and Robert for landing Stoney. I browse all the Search Engine Guide articles and while I love Jennifer's style, lately I've noticed it's Stoney's articles I gravitate to. Keep up the good work all!

Congrats Stoney! You have been quite the mega writer for a while now so it is well deserving and I know you will do an amazing job.

Now just get ready to take the hits from Jennifer...I hear she is a real slave driver ;-)

I say congratulations to Jennifer for landing Stoney. I browse all the Guide articles. Keep up the good work Jenniffer!

Way to go stoney Good Luck Buddy

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