Hope you liked Part 1 of my review of ConversionRuler. After writing the initial review, I remembered a whole bunch of other ways I have figured out to use ConversionRuler, and thought I'd share some more of them with you.

I already mentioned that I use it to track my AdWords campaigns, and the ads for my Nitty-gritty report in the newsletter. I also told you that I use it to track new subscribers when I can. To do that, I have special tracking codes on the "signatures" (sigs) I have at the couple of forums where I am an administrator. In my forum sigs I link to my report and also the newsletter sign-up page. Each link is given a tracking code that tells me how many clicks I get and whether the visitor signed up for my newsletter or purchased my report.

Since I've been tracking this I've found that I've received 90 visitors from my Ihelpyou Forum link to my newsletter, with 19 of those subscribing, for a 21% conversion rate. My Cre8asite Forum sig to my newsletter has achieved 31 clickthroughs, with 5 of them subscribing to my newsletter, for a 16% conversion rate. (I don't post as much at Cre8, which is why I have fewer clickthroughs.) My forum sig links to the Nitty-gritty report haven't resulted in any sales, but have given rise to a few newsletter sign-ups. Since these links don't cost me anything (except my time to make intelligent and interesting posts), anything I get from them is gravy.

Another interesting thing I've done is to place a tracking link on the auto-response email message you get when you sign up for my newsletter. I threw in a tracking link for my report and have had 219 clickthroughs that resulted in 4 sales (a 1.8% conversion rate). Translated into dollars, that's close to $200! Had I not put that link in my welcome letter, I may have missed out on those 4 sales, and had I not tracked them, I would never have known where they came from.

The other cool thing I thought of doing was to add a link to my report in my regular email signature. I get a ton of mail. Tons and tons of SEO questions every day. And I answer a good portion of them. I'm smart enough to know to put a signature in my email with a link to my Web site and services, etc., but those are generally ignored by people. So one day when answering my 50th question on a Thursday morning after my newsletter came out, I thought about putting in a P.S. type of signature. It was something like, "P.S. You could probably use my report, The Nitty-gritty of Writing for the Search Engines." Well, lo and behold, the first person who got that link in the reply went right out and purchased the report! So I created a permanent signature link that I could use, and added a ConversionRuler tracking code.

I found that when you help people for free by answering their direct questions, they are definitely predisposed to buying from you! Since tracking the PS link, I've had 99 clickthroughs with 6 sales. (Oops...there was another one just a moment ago...making it 100 clickthroughs and 7 sales! That's now a 7% conversion rate.) And again, I would have been answering those emails anyway, regardless of whether they purchased my book. (I know I'm an idiot for telling you that those PS's are not actually a personal response to you, but whatever!)

I guess what I'm trying to tell you is that in order to use a product like ConversionRuler to its fullest extent, you've got to start thinking of interesting ways to link to your stuff. ConversionRuler hasn't made me any more sales, but my creativity in how to present my products, etc., has. ConversionRuler just lets me know if my ideas are any good!

You can sign up for a free trial of ConversionRuler here.

July 30, 2003

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