Hello Jill,

I must tell you I REALLY enjoyed [your High Rankings® Seminar in Philadelphia]. I learned a lot! Before I went to the seminar, I KNEW what had to be done for better search results but I didn't know HOW to do it.

We have WebPosition Gold and I can't remember if it was you that said we need to get a Google API key to use the program. I was wondering why and how it works. I was on the Google site that talks about it but I didn't understand how it relates to WPG. We use WebTrends too.

I will go ahead and sign up for the Google API-- maybe once I get it I will understand.

Thanks again -- great seminar!


Jill's Response

Hi Renee',

The old version of WPG doesn't support the Google API. You would want to make sure not to use that version on Google, but only check AOL rankings (which uses Google). In fact, if you'd been using it previously, this could be a factor in why you're having problems with Google now. (If your site is completely gone from all rankings.)

WPG isn't going to be supporting their old version much longer anyway, so you probably want to upgrade to the new one if you are interested in running ranking reports. With the new version, you can put in your API key and not use automated queries, which are against Google's terms of service. However, it's important to remember that many of us in SEO are trying to get away from using rankings as a measurement for success. You get much better data than WPG can give you by simply using your WebTrends information. (Although since WebTrends owns WPG now, it may all be integrated, which probably comes in handy.)

Hope this helps, and glad you enjoyed the seminar!


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January 17, 2006

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