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Kevin Johnson

Kevin Johnson is a Digital PR + Social Media Writer for Fusion 360, a Utah-based digital marketing agency.

The Need for Small Businesses to Build a Conversion-Friendly Website

When it comes to the world of Web development, it seems that trends and opinions on the most effective options are constantly in flux. Responsive Web design? Parallax? But at the end of the day, only one thing should really matter for small businesses hoping to improve their online business efforts: making conversions....

Mobilegeddon Has Come and Gone - Now What?

Businesses across the nation went into a panic after Google announced that it would be updating its search algorithms to remove non-"mobile-friendly" sites from searches conducted on mobile devices. "Mobilegeddon" has now come and gone, and while its overall effect on SEO is still being debated, the fact remains that optimizing a site for mobile users is still an important step for anyone looking for online success....