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Christian World Daily

Rainbow Stamps - [New Window] - Portal with stamp collecting links.

La Cancha Global Soccer Link Directory - [New Window] - Global soccer links directory.

Electrical Contractors Directory - [New Window] - Directory of electrical contractors within the United States. Information and links to company websites.

Chinavista Hyper-C - [New Window] - A Chinese search tool in both English and Chinese version.

University of Texas - Overcoming Pornography Addiction - [New Window] - Pornography addiction happens when people spend increasing amounts of time using pornography and begin using increasingly more extreme pornographic material. This increase in use occurs even though the use has negative consequences. Some people find that their entire sex life revolves around pornography and they are unable to be sexually involved with a real person without the use of pornography. This site lists self-help web resources on sexual addictions, pornography use, treatment for sexual addictions, and help for those affected by another person's use of pornography.

Live Art Archive - [New Window] - Index of live art / performance art materials, records and publications primarily in England and the UK.

The Live Art Archives include the Record of Live Art Practice, the National Review of Live Art Archive, the Digital Performance Archive, the Arts Council England Live Art and Performance Archive the Franko B Archive, and Performance magazine Archive. In addition, the Archives hold the original tapes from the queerupnorth Video Archive, together with DVD copies for viewing.

The Archives' holdings also contain a number of smaller collections of Live Art related material in various formats, such as full sets of Hybrid, Primary Sources, and LiveArt magazine, and a complete set of DVDs by the artist Reza Abdoh. Additional Live Art resources, include Liveartwork DVDs, and books to support research into Live Art, which are held in the Theatre Collection library.

Mathematics WWW Virtual Library - [New Window] - Directory of Mathematics-related resources.

Mineralogy and Petrology Research on the Web - [New Window] - Resource for mineralogists, petrologists, people interested in minerals.

Trail A1 Guide - [New Window] - List of hiking links.

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