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Find Alabama State Legislators By Zip Code - [New Window] - Enter your ZIP Code and click the search button. If you live in a split district (with more than one legislator), you will need to use your nine-digit ZIP Code (ZIP+4). If you don't know it, you will have the opportunity to enter your address to determine your legislators after clicking the search button.

Geosource - [New Window] - Directory of resources for human geography, physical geography, planning, geoscience and environmental science. Provided by Utrecht University Library.

Collectics The Collecting & Crafts Directory - [New Window] - Collectics aniques & collectibles collecting. Antiques directory resources & links is your guide to online shopping and service for collecting antiques and collectibles.

Porn Addiction Info - [New Window] - Porn Addition Info is an information and support website for those who want to quit using/abusing/viewing pornography, but are unable to take the first step toward recovery on their own. Developed in June 2006 we are committed to making this site a major resource by reaching out to those who find their lives in turmoil because of this addiction. Family members of porn addicts are also in crisis and it is our goal to offer them information and any assistance necessary to help them understand the addiction and what options they might have. This site is owned, designed, developed, operated and moderated by porn addicts who are in recovery and family of porn addicts who want to share their knowledge with those who seek help. We hope to offer information on known methods of recovery, whether through the 12 step program, by faith, or other programs or methods. How you recover is not important to us. Recovery is our focus.

telemarketing Jobs in USA - [New Window] - Search for telemarketing jobs and careers.

National Address and ZIP+4 Browser - [New Window] - Search for address and zip+4 information.

Public Libraries of Europe - [New Window] - Index of European public libraries on the World Wide Web.

Control Engineering Virtual Library Software architect jobs - [New Window] - Job search for all Software architect jobs.

AWOL's Hundreds of Great Acting Links - [New Window] - Directory of acting and acting business related resources.

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