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    CostHelper Electric Guitar Guide - [New Window] - Find out how much an electric guitar should cost. Get price guidelines and shopping tips for an electric guitar. A basic electric guitar with amplifier and cord starts around $200 to $400 for a beginner's outfit; a better quality kit can run $500 to $2,000, and high-end electric guitars are $2,000 to $5,000 or more for the instrument alone.

    Used Instrument Buyer - [New Window] - When it's time to sell your used instruments, nobody makes it easier than UIB. We make our best offer up front, right out of the gate, so you know you're getting top-dollar for your used musical equipment. Since 2006, we've helped everyone from professional musicians to weekend guitar warriors get the most value out of their used instruments. We offer free no-obligation quotes for your used equipment. upon your approval, simply pack your equipment, ship it to us free, and we'll promptly mail you a payment.

    Links to Earth-Science Resources - [New Window] - A commented list of links to a selection of the best Earth-Science resources on the Internet. Pill Identifier - [New Window] - Worried about those capsules you found in your teenager's room? Not sure about some of those leftover pills still in the bathroom cabinet? There's a good chance that our Pill Identification Wizard can help you match size, shape, colour... then lead you to the detailed description in our drugs database.

    Rock It Radio - [New Window] - Rock-it Radio. Radio Links page is a listing of free radio sites and directories worldwide of information of radio stations broadcasting. over the internet.">

    Conservative Education Forum - [New Window] - Directory of online Conservative reference information sources for America. Wine Directory - [New Window] - The Wine Directory is a resource for wine enthusiasts and wine professionals. The goal of the directory is to aggregate and organize the best wine sites and the most pertinent and useful wine businesses in one easy to navigate location.

    The world has literally millions of wine enthusiasts, each with a unique perspective and palate. At we have made it our goal to aggregate the collective knowledge and experience of the wine community on one site, a site geared purely for those people who are into wine. We have contributors from nearly all walks of "wine life" including sommeliers, chefs, bartenders, waiters, wine industry professionals, wine producers, as well as a gaggle of super enthusiasts. If you consider yourself someone who is into wine and are interested in contributing, please contact us.

    Automobile Links - [New Window] - Directory of automotive links.

    Pop Culture Collectibles Guides - [New Window] - What's that stuff in the attic worth? Check it out with the guides and more.

    WindandSea - [New Window] - Selected links to science and policy sites organized by topic and alphabetically within topic. All of these sites have been reviewed and annotated by a technical information specialist of the NOAA Central Library staff.

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