As Twitter just continues to grow in popularity, more people are wanting to know how to expand their Twitter networks, and get more people to follow them.  There are several different ways to do this, depending on how you use Twitter.  Here's some of the things that have worked for me.

First, you have to follow more people to get more followers.  Here's a site with a ton of great tools that can help you find people that share your same interests.

Second, I link to a lot of articles/blogs/studies that I come across.  I spend every morning going through my feed reader, and as I find interesting posts/articles, I share them with my followers on Twitter.  These tweets are then shared by my followers, and that usually results in more people following me.

Finally, the BEST way I have found to gain followers, is to participate in conversations on Twitter.  Several times I have engaged in lengthy conversations on Twitter, and after the conversation ends, I can go back and see that I picked up followers almost as soon as the conversation started, and stopped adding them almost as soon as the conversation winded down.  Often, others will start tweeting something like 'Guys you need to be paying attention to this conversation that @MackCollier and @JenniferLaycock are having on getting more comments on your blog!', which gets me even more followers.

There are plenty of ways that you can grow your followers on Twitter.  But the above methods have worked best for me.

BTW for those of you that are wondering how much traffic Twitter can send to your blog, it probably isn't as much as you'd think.  I currently have about 2,600 followers on Twitter.  When I tweet a link to one of my blog posts, I might send 100 visitors in a 24-hour period to my blog from that tweet.  Which is about 5% of the number of followers I have.  Now if other people that are following me retweet my link, then that number can quickly multiply. 

My point is, from my experience, you get more back from Twitter when you contribute more.  The people that are only there to promote themselves don't seem to get much value from it.  Then again, if they are only on Twitter to extract value from others, why would anyone follow them.

Tomorrow I'll look at how I decide who I follow on Twitter.

What are some of your tips for getting more followers on Twitter?  BTW if you aren't already, you can follow my tweets on Twitter here.

December 1, 2008

Mack Collier is a social media consultant, trainer and speaker. He has been actively immersed in social media since 2005, and in that time, has helped advise, teach and consult with businesses of all shapes and sizes on how they can better connect with their customers via these amazing tools and sites. While being passionate about the social media space, what truly excites Mack is the human connections that can result from the proper use of these social tools. His motto is "Don't focus on the tools, focus on the connections that the tools help facilitate." His goal is to help his clients create those connections with their customers, and nuture them into relationships that help grow their bottom line.

His social media 'homebase' is The Viral Garden, which in 3 years time Mack has grown into an influential marketing/social media blog with a monthly readership of over 175,000. He is also a frequent contributor to the website Marketing Profs, as well as the marketing blog Daily Fix, and small business blog Search Engine Guide. His writings have been referenced in several mainstream publications and websites, including The Washington Post,, Ad Age, CNET, and The Boston Globe.

Mack is also a requested speaker and has presented at some of the top social media conferences and events, including South By Southwest Interactive, Marketing Profs Digital Marketing Mixer, and Small Business Marketing Unleashed. He is also passionate about teaching companies how to use social media sites and tools more effectively, and offers training and seminars privately to companies, in addition to his public speaking schedule.

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I do it in a similar way as you. I am a new user but I try to post the links I am reading that I think might be useful to others and I also make sure to post my last blog post there as well.

I find followers by going to members like @problogger who has a similar audience as my own blog and I look at who follows him and see if they are interested in following me as well.

Just started following you now. I am @howtomakemyblog

Hey that's a helpful list of twitter apps. Thanks. When you mention getting into lengthy conversations, how long are they exactly? I mean it kind of turns into chat that way and it might be annoying for some other followers.

Always search for more followers than more friends on twitter. Focus on quantity more than quality for great traffic

I am unable to understand this post. But well some points are useful for me.

I've always tried to stay away from Twitter, because of the very reason you now have a simple answer to. I had no reason to use it because non of my friends or colleagues use it, and I don't know how to get followers even if I wanted to! I just might need to give this a try. My favorite and most powerful tip have to follow others in order for them to follow you, on Twitter. That makes perfect sense! Thanks.

Alley @ Water Softeners Info Blog

Great stuff. I am always wanting to get more followers, and traffic to my blog. If I look at the last 30 days of me aproximately 2,000 followers, about 300 of them visited my blog - so thats about 15% return, so I am happy with that.

Try following @truefollowers ( or pick their followers, the ones that seem to be interesting. Has been working for me as a good jump start.

I try my best to reply@ interesting tweets. It takes a lot of work but people respond when you show a true interest. I also work in a bar and with managements permission I offer free drinks exclusive to tweeps who found out through my twitter. A great way to build regular customers too.

Follow me at


Free tools are great...and I use them a lot (twollow, twitterfeed,, name a few).

However, I find that growing a targeted following is very time consuming. Manually clicking on follows and unfollows is a boring process and you can lose track of who you followed and unfollowed. I follow a lot of people based on what they say and search their tweets, but it's not always a good match.

If you are okay with spending money to save time, then you are going to want to check this out:

Proud owner of 3 sticky kids

One of the other ways is to follow others. I find that when I follow someone, I usually recieve at the very least a follow in return. In most cases, I get additional followers from the person I followed.

First time visitor to your site - great advice! I just started using twitter for my music site to get people to keep updated with what we're writing about, but you're right... you need to add a personal touch and be active in the twitter community. The goal shouldn't be to leech traffic, but to make an impact on your followers making yourself a valuable resource!

Mack, I agree with you. Not only do I get more Twitter followers when I engage myself in conversation, but I also am having fun. Social media is a "two-way street" conversation just like in real life. Otherwise, you are just pushing information outward like a traditional broadcast medium.

I use the twitter friend generator to add and delete followers on twitter.

One of the other ways is to basically churn followers. So follow people that are interested in the same niche as you, and most of the time they follow you back. Its all about relevancy to your topic.

Great post. Also I always tell people to be sure that you use a real picture of yourself on your twitter profile. People want to see a person and not a logo. It makes it much more personable even if you are using twitter for marketing.

Twitter lists will help with building targeted lists. Try breaking up tweets with an invite to your lists - you can add followers just as if your were building your Twitter, but they are more than likely prone to follow back because your list is Interest or Geo targeted.

Hi folks!

I have a problem that has eating my brains since almost 2 weeks now. I first started to use Twitter for about 2 months as a tool for promoting my business. I tried different methods to increase the number of my followers. One of the methods was joining some websites that guaranteed a certain number of followers. I have to admit I let my self fooled and I accepted to join this kind of groups. Since that time, it is true that many people started to follow my tweets. Unfortunately most of them was way out of my targeting area. I had the "chance" to follow tweets from a large number of pimps, drug dealers and so on. On top of all, from time to time, my Twitter account automatically sends messages to my followers advising them, from behalf of me, to make the same stupid thing I did. Messages sounds something like "Want more followers? Then you need to check out this site..." or "Become a member of this great site to gain more followers: " The worst thing is that some of my followers warned me about the fact that the links "I" post on my tweeter account leads to some phishing websites.

Can anybody please advise me how to get rid of sending this kind of tweets?
Help pe please and you will benefit of my entire gratitude!


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