Yesterday I wrote about some of the things you can do on your blog to encourage your readers to comment on your posts.  But that's only half the battle, the real key to getting more comments on your blog, is to leave it!

Think about the time that your readers spend online.  More than likely, only a small portion of that time is spent on your blog.  So what you want to do is try to create value for your readers not only on your blog, but also off your blog.  Here's some ways that you can encourage your readers to comment on your blog, by leaving it:

1 - Follow commenters back to their blog.  With most blogging platforms, a reader that leaves a comment can add a link to their blog or site with their comment.   If you notice that a commenter has left a link to their blog, then follow that link to their blog, and try to find a post or 2 where YOU can leave a comment on their blog!  This will make a great impression on them, and it shows that you appreciate their comment enough to want to contribute your own.  Also seriously consider adding a link to this blogger's blog on your blog's sidebar, especially if they blog on topics related to your industry. 

2 - Read blogs and message boards that discuss your industry.  Try to read the same blogs and forums that your readers are.  And as often as possible, leave comments on these sites.  But make sure that your comments are attempts to add value to the post, and to the discussion.  This will not only make the blogger more likely to read and comment on your blog, but will give their readers a reason to check out your blog as well.

3 - Thank every blogger that links to your blog.  Keep up with bloggers that link to your blog, and leave a comment thanking them for linking to your blog.  A site such as Technorati can show you when sites are linking to your blog.  Showing these sites and blogs that you appreciate their link is a great way to increase the possibility that they will not only link to your blog again, but comment there as well.

4 - Link to other blogs in your posts.  As you spend time reading other blogs, you will probably come across some great ideas for posts on your own blog.  When you write that post for your blog, make sure that you remember the inspiration for your post, and link back to the post.  This not only makes your post more valuable for your readers, but it also shows the blogger that you are linking to that you are acknowledging their post.  Think of it as saying 'thank you' to the blogger you are linking to.

If you follow the steps in this post, and my post yesterday, you will be well on your way to enjoying a much more responsive readership on your blog!

January 9, 2008

Mack Collier is a social media consultant, trainer and speaker. He has been actively immersed in social media since 2005, and in that time, has helped advise, teach and consult with businesses of all shapes and sizes on how they can better connect with their customers via these amazing tools and sites. While being passionate about the social media space, what truly excites Mack is the human connections that can result from the proper use of these social tools. His motto is "Don't focus on the tools, focus on the connections that the tools help facilitate." His goal is to help his clients create those connections with their customers, and nuture them into relationships that help grow their bottom line.

His social media 'homebase' is The Viral Garden, which in 3 years time Mack has grown into an influential marketing/social media blog with a monthly readership of over 175,000. He is also a frequent contributor to the website Marketing Profs, as well as the marketing blog Daily Fix, and small business blog Search Engine Guide. His writings have been referenced in several mainstream publications and websites, including The Washington Post,, Ad Age, CNET, and The Boston Globe.

Mack is also a requested speaker and has presented at some of the top social media conferences and events, including South By Southwest Interactive, Marketing Profs Digital Marketing Mixer, and Small Business Marketing Unleashed. He is also passionate about teaching companies how to use social media sites and tools more effectively, and offers training and seminars privately to companies, in addition to his public speaking schedule.

You can learn more information about Mack's social media training and consulting services here. If you need a social media speaker for your event, or want to know where Mack will be speaking next, click here. If you want to email Mack, click here.

Mack wrote this bio. The third-person thingie is just for fun.


Have read quite a bit of your information on increasing comments... Thanks... Will definetly be trying out some of the suggestions which I am sure will work out...
Zorba CafeSpeak


I've been following your blog for the last few weeks and had sort of played around with comments, just leaving a few for friends here and there. I never realized the impact of what comments can do. It makes sense though, at least from an SEM point of view, because it's yet one more link to and from one's blog, which the SE spiders eat up. Thanks for the great idea.

Thanks for the tips, Mack! Found your post in Google and have been exercising some of them (actually I guess I'm doing it right now as I type!) SEO seems like a rather mysterious thing to do successfully, so I appreciate your help.

Excellent tips. New to blogging so this is very useful. I appreciate your willingness to educate the novices.

Hi Mack. It's refreshing to read a blog that shows you need to put hard work in to get good results out. I'm fed up of reading 'make a quick million blogging'. SO I encourage you to keep the good writing going.

Well I am glad I came to this site. I could see myself spending all day reading with all of the content here. Good stuff.

This is a great post. I have added it to my list of recommended blog post readings on my homepage.

how to make a blog search engine plz tell me
my add is

Just curious how many comments you think you've posted on other blogs? What percent would you say you spend doing this? Have you decreased over time?

Just curious how many comments you think you've made over your career?

Great tips! A note on #3...if you want to automate that part, you can use a plugin called comment relish which will thank the user for leaving comments! Andy -

Loved your article on getting comments I have had bloggs up for several years but have never been commented on maybe I am not blogging often enough . Or maybe I am doing something else wrong.

This blog Is very informative , I am really pleased to post my comment on this blog . It helped me with ocean of knowledge so I really belive you will do much better in the future . Good job web master .

Yippee! I feel like I'm learning all the right things at just the right time. I thanked you already on Twitter, today. It's Thanksgiving week, so I'm staying in and having the luxury of spending time on social media here at my computer! Who knew, thanks to your listing @names of the top branders to follow on Twitter they led me here to 3 of your guest blogs. You've been great with advice from the git-go...since doing the sit down consult with you as part of the MarketingProfs Conference in Scottsdale. You're the real deal, Mack. Thank you for all of your efforts and your education on social media. Your loyal fan...and Follower! Roseann

Brandon and others, I've recently discovered a neat site that tracks the comments you leave on blogs, it's called It shows you comments YOU leave on YOUR blog, as well as on others. So it gives you a good way to track how many comments you are leaving on your blog, and on others! Give it a try!

Roseann thanks so much for the kind words, it was great to meet you in Scottsdale. Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!

This post is really awesome. I also face problem of less comment on my blog

Thanks for this post

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This is great advice! It is very important to read other blogs/forums/news about your chosen topic; you must stay on top of what is going on around you, you may be left behind. Regards!

great article!

Hi Mark,
Thanks for the information, I have also read your articles on keywords. I am a new blogger and do not as yet have any comments to follow, however will take this advice when I do. I am working on my SEO so I will be visiting again soon. Thanks again.

Hi Mack,
I have read both your posts regarding how to get comments on blogs. I agree with you that getting comments add value to the blog. It also enhances value of the blog in the eyes of search engines.
One may promote blog offline too, to get more comments.
Thanks for an awesome post.
Jyoti Kothari

Awesome article and relevant tips about how to get comments. Comments make a blog live and helps getting higher search engine ranking.
It improves SEO of a site.

There are all great tips. I think that one of the biggest ways to get more comments on your blog is to have a call to action button that states "please comment below"

I actually thought readers were how a blog is a blog. Especially if the same number and more keep coming back.

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